Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Time to regroup and get those resolutions written down!

First to regroup:
Looking at where I was last year, I think I did pretty well this year!

I have had an awesome month this december with adsense (almost double the usual) and affiliate sales were pretty good (way more than last year but could have been better).

Traffic was incredible due to a mention in the Washington Post on November 30th which went on from there with mentions in 3 other newspapers during the first week of December. This of course resulted in an increase in traffic which helped sell a few

But the biggest thing for me in 2007 was moving from Boston to San Diego in July. When I left Boston, I continued to work remotely for my Boston employer (switching from full time to part time) until just recently and now I am completely unemployed, and need to pay for my own health benefits and all that crap.

I feel like I am not as productive as I should be with all this additional time and I am worried that I am not going to make enough money. I have always done a bunch of web dev freelance (which always annoyed me since it cut in to my IM time and energy) so I am not ready for the soup line yet!!

So here's my plan:
1. Continue working on my main money maker site posting a couple posts a day.
2. Continue to work on my #2 site. I've been running some contests on that site lately (you can read about it on this blog). Traffic has picked up a bit and I have received some backlinks due to the contest...but I have a few more weeks of prizes and then I am cutting that out for a while. The contest isn't a lot of work, but it cuts in to the flow of regularly updated content and I'm not really enjoying it.
3. I have a niched wedding site and there is no reason for me not to rank #1 for all the phrases associated with this niche. (I'll go in to this in more detail in a later post.) Also, I've found a good affiliate product to promote on this site, which I want to write a couple articles and promote. In addition, the entire site needs to be gone over for broken links and a general overall update. I've also seen a few blogs lately where I could use as research for me to create more content.
4. I have a niched travel site which I don't update hardly at all ...but I believe has grand potential. I've bought a couple of books from Amazon around this niche and will start updating content, one post five days a week. (this is something I could possibly outsource.)
5. I have a niched gadget site that my husband was updating and now isn't, so I'd like to give that a push.
6. I want to get more in to affiliate sites and less on relying on adsense. (doesn't everyone?)
7. I also want to loose 10 pounds!
8. My "main money making site" has a "sign up for newsletter" box since everyone says the 'money is in the list'. Thing is, I have yet to send out a newsletter to these 700 people who have signed up for it. This seems like a great place to explore to make some money with affiliate links.
9. I belong to a membership site ( which gives its members 5 ebooks each month to sell. The books are pretty good and they come with articles, keyword research and a whole website built. Basically, the only thing I need to do is change the title and maybe change some of the graphics so that it looks different than everyone elses and then do a bit of social bookmarking SEO to see if I can get it to rank and sell some of these. As I've mentioned before, there are some topics I'll never touch, like: acne, anxiety and the like. But, there are a few of these ebooks on physical products like security I would like to venture down that road. It will be fun for me from SEO perspective mainly.

Basically, I just want to get to a place where I am making enough money so that I can sleep at night. And if you look at my list, nothing requires a huge amount of skill or brains, it all just requires a bit of ACTION!! So my New Year's Resolution is to quit reading so many blogs and figure out what everyone else in the whole internet marketing space is doing and ignore it all and just do something /anything / something!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Affiliate Summit in February

I want to go to Affiliate Summit in February! and this post is my entry into the contest over at Zac's blog. When I picture the life that I want to live, I want to be making a generous salary from my online endeavors and be able to continuously improve my knowledge by attending conferences around the world. Recently, I moved from Boston to San Diego and that brings the Affiliate Summit to within a day's car drive. With the move, I left my full time job and am working full time online but I am not yet making the same salary as I was in my Boston cushy university job. So, Affiliate Summit may be the answer to giving me the knowledge, the networking, and THE GUTS! to be able to make it.

Friday, November 30, 2007

How's your holiday season coming along?

I'm curious how other people are doing during this holiday season. Personally, my adsense earnings are going through the roof. Which is great!

However, I spent a lot of time on incorporating affiliate links and I am not getting the returns I expected. Which is sad! ...I guess I have a bit of time left however.

In other news, my contest is going well! I let people enter by either commenting, signing up for my newsletter or linking to my blog (if they link to my blog, I quadruple their chances of winning) has gotton me several non-reciprical back links out of the deal. (always helpful) Also, as people see the contest, other suppliers are getting on board, so it keeps getting extended and I am going to be giving things away every week through January. (originally it was going to end at xmas)

It is a bit of work, but fun and an interesting attempt to get some traffic!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Try Niche Rockets for $1.00

I have been a member of Niche Rockets for a couple of years. It used to be called Keyword Avalanche...but they have recently changed its name. It is a nice little community where lots of money making ideas are discussed quite openly. It is a good mix of occasional newbies and lots of old timers who really know their stuff. The volume of posts is not too overwhelming either, so once I got caught up with all the content, I feel like I can keep up with the the different threads and goings on....with out needing to spend a bazillion hours reading forums. In addition, they just started giving out 5 "businesses in a box" each month. Where they give you an ebook which you can rewrite, a website, a sales page, graphics ---the whole shebang if you are interested in creating your own products.

They are having a deal where you can sign up and try it for 7 days for $1.00 and then you can get in for $97.00 a month (rather than the $147.00 a month that the site advertises). I'd recommend trying it out for 7 days for $1.00 and if you don't like it, leave!!
Here's my affiliate link: Niche Rockets

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stats and more stats

From almost the beginning of my blogging career, I used to keep an eye on real time stats. I liked it. It gave me a quick peek of how things were going and I could make adjustments if I was being hit hard by stumbleupon or if something screwed up and one of my sites was down for some reason. Recently, (and it is unfortunate because I just reupped 3 blogs for a total of $75.00) something has screwed up and I can't log in. It something to do with yahoo and mybloglog and the combination of passwords or something. I'm emailing support but I have my doubts...and since this is such a crucial time of year, I felt "naked" without my realtime stats. I use google analytics and awstats as well...but they aren't exactly realtime.

Anyway, I just signed up with mint at is $30.00 for each domain but unlike mybloglog it installs on your server so you don't have to pay yearly. I only signed up 3 blogs to start, but I really like it! Great referrer info and great to see the search phrase activity ...a bajillion times better than mybloglog.

Another helpful stat program is crazy egg. That program has taught me a few things as well ..and it is free ...can't argue with free!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Google - do you think this is funny?

Above is the traffic from google for the past month or so for the blog that was stolen. As you can see on October 26th all traffic from google virtually stopped except for people typing in the name of my site. ...all long tails KAPUT!

This particular site went down because I ran out of bandwidth right around this same time (October 26th) and originally I thought the problem was somehow related. Now, I think it was just a coincidence.

As I mentioned before, this site doesn't get a ton of traffic nor is it a huge moneymaker for me but I have been working on it for two years and the traffic was finally getting to a respectable level.

I'm not sure what got it to pop back into google's search listings. It could have been one of the emails that I sent to google when I was reporting that a site stole all my content. I mentioned the traffic drop off starting on October 26th. I don't think that the site stealing my content was up and running all that long I don't really believe it had something to do with kicking it out of the results.

Anyway, it looks like order has been restored. Just important to realize how vulnerable your income can be relying heavily on one search engine for traffic.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Someone stole my site

Never a dull moment here in Green Affiliate land!! Yesterday, I happened to notice that someone had stolen one of my sites. Basically they took all the content from one of my blogs and re-uploaded it on their own site in a different wordpress theme.

This blog gets about 5000 visitors a month is this person stupid??? In other words, this is NOT my biggest money maker.

Anyway, just in case you would like to know what to do when someone steals your site, here is what I did.

1. I went to and looked him up. The brilliant man had been too cheap to pay for privacy protection so his name address and phone number and email for me to get in touch!! Lucky me!!

2. I called him and left a message and told him if he didn't take his site down in 24 hours I was going to report him to google adsense and my lawyer was going to show up at his home, after which I repeated his address!!

3. I waited 1 minute and then I reported him to google adsense. I clicked on "Ads by Google" on his site (oh no!! I mean my site!! but on his server) and then I clicked on "Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw" and I reported a violation.

4. I then went to google webmaster tools and clicked on "Report Spam in our Index"

5. Then I emailed the abuse address at godaddy where the domain name was purchased

6. Then I emailed the host who was hosting the site (I forget who is was, someplace in Canada)

Success!! Today the site is an apache generic host success page.

Oh, and since he was stealing not only every word I've written, he was also stealing all my images and the bandwidth to host them. This is the image I had him show on the top of his page:

If anyone cares: the site where he hosted MY site which is now taken down is:

Does anyone have a full membership to domaintools? Apparently he own another site and I'd love to continue to torture him.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Learning about Bandwidth

One of my sites ran out of bandwidth last week. It was only for a few hours before I noticed it, but since it happened, my traffic has taken a serious dive. This is so frustrating, since I've been working really hard on this site to get it more traffic. Previously, hostgator would send me an email at hitting the 80% mark....but no emails this time until it was too late. Grrrrrrrrr

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shaking things up and Having Some Fun!!

I've been trying to get my groove back. I was just reading Jenn's blog and that girl is rocking! It is a blast when each month you are making more money than the last can be a real kick! Her hard work is paying off! It is great to see.

Me, however, my earnings have been pretty flat and steady since April. Some streams of income go up!! some go down!! but all in all it has stayed around the same amount of money for the past six months. Previous to April, I experienced exponential growth!

So, I thought I'd have me a little fun and try some new things and get things rocking again! Soooooooo, I started a contest on one of my blogs first step was to email 12 companies and ask for donations. I promised primo real estate promoting their product for 1 week with photo and links back to their site. I've heard back from 7 in the positive and the donations are piling in by postal mail. Each week, I will giveaway one of the donated presents to someone who comments on a post or signs up for my newsletter. (kind of win win for everyone!) I figure I'll get enough loot to give away one a week during the holiday months of November and December.

We'll see how it goes, it hasn't been too much work yet, and the donations have been freaking amazing!! People are sending 2 or 3 items when I only asked for one. Each item goes for about $20.00. Anyway, it seems fun and hopefully it will bring a bit of a buzz to this particular blog and get some energy flowing. I'll keep you posted!

If any of you out there have ever held a contest and you have any advice, please leave them in the comments! I'd love to hear if there are any pitfalls I should avoid.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


BJ over at Adventures in Net Marketing had this to say:
I don't know about you, but I've been feeling really frustrated with my Adsense earnings lately. My sites that carry Adsense ads have been going up in traffic - most of them get double the amount of traffic they did last year at this time. And my CTR has been improving, so I've been getting a lot of clicks.

And yet my Adsense revenue is only at about 30% of what it used to be.

I find that TERRIFYING!!!

I just looked at some of my stats and this is completely unscientific cause I am taking adsense across several sites and visitors across one site and I am not even considering CTR. but here goes:

sept 2005 414 unique visitors $ 13.00 adsense earnings
sept 2006 16000 unique visitors $260.00 adsense earnings
sept 2007 26000 unique visitors $920.00 adsense earnings

Anyway, we all know that adsense can't be relied upon and we all need to diversify.

My problem is that I am continually researching and developing and not enough action. I'm a sucker for new software and not enough action. I love to read forums and not enough action. I love to read the exploits of other online marketers but not enough action.

I'm off to work on my sites.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Business in a Box - for sale

In the same spirit of Burt's sale, I have 5 "box set" businesses for sale. If you've ever wanted to play around with selling your own products, here is a chance to start with practically everything done for you!
Each box includes:
  • 10 articles (in Microsoft word and .txt format)
  • Keywords
  • a Website template (including photoshop files)
  • An ebook product for you to sell (at least 25 pages of content)
  • Cover graphic already made for you
  • A sales letter and thank you page designed to sell the product.
  • EULA which gives you the right to sell the product/use the articles and website (but does not let you sell the whole package like I am doing here)

Basically everything is pretty much done for you. Just edit it a bit to make it your own, set up a website with everything provided and start selling.

Here's the topics available: (I will only be selling one copy of each)


Price is: $25.00 each. Please email me at lizh30dc AT gmail DOT com
and I will give you my paypal address.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Found a Cool Plugin for Affiliate Links

One thing that always bugs me is the big ugly affiliate links. Like:

Probably most surfers don't notice ...I don't think I did before I got into affiliate marketing and got the inside scoop. But it can be much cleaner with a new wordpress plugin I found at:

I heard Alice Seba talking about redirecting her links at one point so that users would view a cleaner url when they moused over the link...but it seemed like way too much work, so this is an easier solution. It makes me a tad nervous, truth be told, just in case the plugin is not kept up for future versions of wordpress.

This is more busy work that can keep my going for hours!! I sure do love me some busywork!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

LinkWorth - More Passive Income

I'm having good results with linkworth as another easy way to sell text links on my blogs and sites. It is not as drop dead easy as TLA since the website seems to be stupidly confusing!
But, good news is you only have to figure it out once and then you can sit back and pull in the cash.

My tendency is to think "i gotta make some new sites" when the easy thing to do is "work on the ones I got".

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Need to make some changes and regroup

I have to evaluate my business and make some changes. Blogads, which traditionally has made me a good amount of money has slacked off lately. Not only for me but for most of the publishers in my niche. I'm not sure if it will pick up in the fall, but I feel like I have to be nimble. I've had $900.00 months with them ...with an average of about $500.00. In my early days I made way more with them than I did with adsense. Anyway, since it is slow, I am using it to offer a couple of free ads with folks I've been developing relationships with online. Filling up the "karma bank" so to speak.

Anyway, I have been pushing more affiliate links, and my work has paid off with more sales there. I've also made a few direct sales of links. I'm also trying an ad network called adify and have been asked to join a couple other networks. One I am interested in, but it means redesigning my blog a bit to allow for the ad size. that's just laziness and fear keeping me back there. I've got to try to deal with that this week.

However, I am still trying to figure out 'what I want to do when I grow up'. I am working part time remotely for my employer back in Boston. I would love to do internet marketing full time and am trying to get it to happen! For the moment, my online endeavors do not equal my full time salary, so I am looking into ways to scale it up.

One thing that is helpful for me is to think about "REAL NUMBERS". Like exactly how much do I need to make to pay taxes, insurance and all that stuff that my job pays for? How much do I need to earn to cover the expenses? How much do I need to earn to save at the level I want to? If I get a $500,000.00 mortgage, what is the monthly payment? If I get a $600,000.00 mortgage, what is the monthy payment? In a future post, I am going to describe how I would love my online career to develop. I find that really helpful.

In other news, I've had a woman contact me with an offer of 100 domain names that are very similar to my domain names. Her offer was $2000.00, then $1000.00 and then $500.00. for all 100 of them. It was *extremely* tempting to buy these domains ...but the reality was I really don't have the time to develop them. And I feel like she was being really sneaky and wierd to have done this in the first place!! Again, it was really hard to leave them on the table ..especially if someone does buy them and develops them they can be confused with me....but I felt manipulated and it was operating on my fears ...rather than operating on the direction that I want to move to.

I'm not sure I made the right decision there! Let me know if you think I should have taken them ...they are probably still available.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two Years Online!!

I just recently realized that my first money making blog (isn't the first always special?) is two years old at the end of July. I have come a long way! I started at $0 of course, and now make over $2K each month from about 10 websites. It could be better, of course, but I'm pretty happy especially since I have had a full time job through the entire project and my husband just started helping me this past January.

I often try to connect with that early energy I had. It was really a case of having a zen "Beginners Mind". I had no idea what I was doing, so I was willing to try anything! I also got lucky in a few places. and did I mention I worked really hard at it even when I didn't want to? I had so many times that the "voices in my head" told me what I was doing was stupid ...or that I was really tired....or that I should watch TV with my husband...or whatever excuse I could come up with!! ....and I reminded myself that they were just "voices in my head" and I kept going.

With moving, my momentum has really taken a dive and boy has my attention on my sites suffered!! Thankfully income is still climbing, but I've got to get back in the groove!

Is anybody doing the thirty day challenge? There's some good content over there...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Made it to San Diego!

Woo hoo!! Made the move across country. Moving is so much work!! ...I really can't complain, however, since everything really went smooth as silk. And San Diego is one cool city! Unfortunately, I'm living kind of out in the suburbs .....I'd prefer something a bit more "hip and happening" like my old neighborhood in Boston, ..but where I am in San Diego there is a nice lake to walk around that is very close and did I mention there is a pool in the back yard? And the house is awesome!!

I need to decide what I want to do with my life. My old job back in Boston is keeping me on half time (with full benefits)...but probably only through the early fall. I really wish my online endeavors could pick up the slack and provide my full time income. ...but truth is, I am just not there yet.

I am going to try to work like heck the next couple of weeks and see if I can make it work. Worst case is I get a job...the job market seems pretty healthy for my line of work at the moment, so I am very grateful for that.

I'll need to keep very focused and make good decisions on where to spend my time and energy. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hostgator - is this a sign from above?

I have had a reseller account with hostgator for several years and I have been relatively happy with the service. I have a side business doing web design and I resell hosting to several small businesses and one of my clients is a real pain in the neck. He would notice the minute his email would go down for 2 seconds and call me obsessively. A few years ago there were email outages on a regular basis ...nothing major ...but this one client would always be very put out by it all. Anyway, fast forward to today.....I'm moving across the country and thought it would be a great excuse to get rid of this particular pain in the neck client even though hostgator has had no problems for about a year and it has been pretty painless.

I've got to say, Hostgator has been absolutely impossible to work with. Moving this host (from my reseller account to a new account set up also at hostgator) has forced me up the food chain to "adminstrator support" which means no phone, no chat, just email correspondence. The kicker is that I have to wait 24 hours between each email. It goes like this:
I email hostgator
24 looooooong hours later hostgator responds with a lame question like: this is going to cost $10.00 is that okay?
I respond to hostgator in 2 minutes flat
24 looooooong hours later hours later hostgator responds.

In addition, I don't think I have ever experienced this much miscommunication and bumblings in my life!! They just now emailed me to tell me that all my files were running on my domain. LIKE DUH!! ...the ticket was to MOVE the files to a NEW domain. I guess they didn't get that part....where they still don't work.

Anyway, I have the month of July off I spend the month, finding a new host and moving 50 or so sites/domains over to the new host? That is NOT how I want to LIVE MY LIFE!! I'm am stomping my feet like a teenager!!

However, I feel like if there were ever a truly serious problem with my sites and I was stuck in this email 24 hour response time hell, I would totally blow a gasket.

Feel free to leave me host suggestions in the comments. (with affiliate links if you like)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

need to update

I haven't updated lately but not a lot new in my online life. I learned one lesson however!! ...which I will share with you all. I was approached to host a video on one of my blogs by the Sundance channel (their new "Green" channel) ...they even said 'exclusive use' ...I'm always up for that ...but I didn't really see much increase in traffic for my effort and man!! ...did I burn through bandwith! Yikes! I had to upgrade my hostgator account (which was easy) but now I am paying $15.00 more a month than I did. Hopefully my traffic will skyrocket all over my sites and this increased bandwidth will be used every month!! : ) I resell hosting cause I do web design for many small businesses I've got my hosting costs pretty covered ...but STILL!!

Other than is just a battle for "time" ..maybe that should be "TIME" to work on my sites keep them interesting and keep the traffic building and do promotion and keep up with learning new things. I did purchase [aff link seoelite] or [non-aff link seoelite] which has some great tutorials attached to it. I'll post a more thorough review a bit later when I have used it a bit more. I hope to use the product to learn new ideas to beat some of my competition.

I will be leaving Boston at the beginning of July and do not have a place to live in San Diego until the beginning of August and hope to spend that month developing some new sites to increase my online earnings.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Selling ads directly - Update

I successfully sold a year's worth of advertising directly a few weeks ago. I sold a years worth on 5 blogs for a little 120 x 120 little thing that has text ads in it. I was reading Tyler Cruz's blog today and he gives all the details of his deal where he sold a block (similar in size and style to the one I sold) on 7 blogs for TWO years. ...I got well over half of what he got for only committing to one year and 5 I think I brokered myself a pretty good deal. (plus his advertiser is a porn ... and mine is shopping) It sure is nice to get a big chunk of change like that all at once. I'd love to make a habit of it!! Did I mention we're moving from a ridiculously expensive area (Boston) to an even MORE ridiculous area (San Diego) at the end of June? Oh well. We sold our condo in two days with two offers so no complaints. I'm picturing blue sky ahead!! ...oh yeah, there's blue sky every day in San Diego..... What else is going on? I've depressingly fallen below my goals for my travel site. Only 4 posts in the month of April ...but the traffic climbed an tiny bit ...(75 visitors a day avg) ....going to try to get this to 100 for the month of May.
Good luck everyone!

Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm trying Text Link Ads

I feel like this blog is a text link ads commercial sometimes. I'll show you!! I won't even link to TLA in this post. TLA has been running a "sale" forever where you can purchase $125.00 of ads for $25.00. I finally took advantage of this offer and I now have an ad on 5 blogs. I am using variations of a keyword phrase and I am linking to the home page for most of the ads and on one of the ads I am linking to a category probably would have been smart to do more internal linking rather than the home page. Oh well, we'll see if I get anything from it. One or two of the blogs were very good deals in that I was paying $25.00 or $30.00 a month before the discount for a high traffic site. However, I was not able to order multiple months using this coupon. So I had to spread out my $125.00 to other less desirable sites. In other news, things are poking along. Revenue keeps going up.....slowly... and my dog went in swimming today for the first time this year.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rest and relax

I have today off from my day job because of Patriot's day and the Boston Marathon. I feel extremely drained and needing rest. I want to do some work on my sites, however. And, of course I have freelance web work as well. (not in the mood for that today!) I just finished uploading the new text link ad plugin on six sites that allows advertisers to purchase ads on a particular post. I'm not exactly sure how it works but my text link ads inventory is pretty much sold out every month so this is an opportunity to increase earnings with Text Link Ads. ...just a side note...I do quite well with Text Link Ads, so if you are not signed up with them ...get on over there!
In related news, I am still trying to push my sites into new levels of traffic. I also believe I need to continue to build brand new sites as well. In order to increase my traffic (by increasing my links which will in turn increase my SEO) I contemplated purchasing a package for $50.00 to get one site submitted to 300 directories. Does anyone think this is worth it to increase traffic? I know I need to outsource braindead tasks like directory submissions, if I listen to the big players. I guess I am just cheap sometimes and want to do it all myself.

I also plan to start playing the article writing game. This weekend, I purchased Article Post Robot to assist me in that endeavor.

I can tell from this post that I am all over the map and not really focused. ...time to make a plan. I will research article writing tonight and start a push to do one month of article writing on one site. ...I'll start this article writing blast next weekend. In the meantime, I will keep on posting to all my blogs, to increase the content ...which will increase the traffic.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Selling ads directly - Synchronicity

Just met someone online this week. We're in a similar niche and we traded a bunch of link love ...but the cool thing that she is doing is selling a lot of advertising directly...rather than go through a middle man. It really woke me up a bit since up to this point I have sold all my advertising through text-link-ads and blogads. ...and trying a few other things with minimal success. Anyway, two days after meeting her, I got an email from a big shopping site wanting to buy advertising directly on my site. I'm just making up numbers here!! I figured I'd split the cut that TLA takes for the text link ads. (I think I under priced them!) Anyway, the person came back with no comment on my text link prices that I pulled out of thin air and wanted pricing on a 120x120 banner. I tripled the price from text link ad to 120 banner. Does that sound right? ....we'll see how it all goes. To keep things in perspective, I've made more money so far this year than I made all of last year....let's be thankful for what we got.
I love the version of "Be Thankful for What You've Got" from Massive Attack.
Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


well....I wasn't as successful with the travel blog this month as I had hoped. I posted to it 9 times. and submitted it to some directories. I got a few less visitors this month (492)...than last month (510). I am going to keep at it and keep submitting good content. I found a forum that discusses this particular niche and I will try to read and participate in the forum in order to get content (by learning what folks are talking about and what is important to them) and also to drive traffic to my site.

In other news, I hit my goal of $20.00 a day average from adsense (collected across all my sites combined). It is mostly from one site, however. Next goal ...$35.00 a day!!

I signed up with to try to sell more text links. I also signed up one of my sites with ...I'm not getting very targeted ads. It is a fashion site and the ads are playstation and things like that ...but I just looked and it is a wallet it might work. Just trying to experiment here!!

Generally, I am very psyched how my online earnings are progressing. It really takes time day after day for things to pay quick riches here in Internet land.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Next Project

I have a travel blog that is in a good niche. However, I have severely neglected it. It has averaged one or two posts a month with some months with no posts. (bad!!...very bad!!!)

Anyway, in February, (one of its busiest months) it received 510 unique visitors and 82.4% stayed on the site between 0 and 30 seconds. (bad!!...very bad!!!)

I'm going to work hard on this baby this month and give you a status report in one month. Let's see how I do!!

Monetarily, last month this site sold 8 TLAs for $102.00 a month and made a few bucks in adsense. (bad!!...very bad!!!)

This is my most neglected site.
More later....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

big long weekend

Well, it is a big long weekend here in the US. with Monday being a holiday. I am taking friday off as well to make it really long. But, I've got plenty of trouble planned for myself. First up tomorrow morning I go visit a client for a web job. This website has limped along and tomorrow I want to infuse the meeting with great energy and get a plan for completion!!!

Next up is my taxes. I need to get ready for my appointment with the tax lady next weekend. This is a tedious task, but I am curious to see how much money I made last year from freelancing and from my internet marketing endeavors. (I already know how much I make from the day job)

Next up is my resume. I saw a new job I want to apply to so I need to redo my resume (haven't touched it since I landed my current job 6 years ago) ...another adventure!!

Then, I have 2 noodley client jobs. One pretty simple, the second involves creating movable type blogs which I need to create templates to match their current websites. ..I welcome this project since this is something that I want to get better at. (the only small drag is that I much prefer wordpress!!) ...but c'est la vie!

Then, I get to work on my blogs and internet marketing projects. FINALLY!!! I've been really busy lately and my posting frequency has slacked off a bit I don't think I'm able to be as humorous witty and engaging when I'm rushing around all the time. I jest ...but SERIOUSLY!!! These blogs take work people!! the blogs and internet marketing is the fun stuff for me...I hope to get finished with all that other crap and be free and clear starting on Sunday (and then have Monday, too).

When I finally get to work on my money making sites, I will continue my link building and traffic building campaigns along with a bit of social networking ...reaching out to like minded bloggers with blog comments, asking for a link, asking for some cross promotion and whatnot. I should probably write an article or two but that may be pushing it. My husband has taken over writing on two of my blogs ...and people he is awesome!! I gotta get the man some traffic!!

I'm enjoying watching the work that BJ and Jen are documenting !! Those gals are so motivational!!

Hey, anyone know of a relatively cheap ebook (or free as well) that gives a blow by blow on how to set up campaigns using MSN adcenter? I've got $200.00 in free credits I need to use up.

Also anyone use a product called optilink? Thoughts on it??

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Traffic Update

I like to count my traffic as well as count my money. : ) and even though lots of folks beat me at the traffic game, I'm proud of what I did with one of my blogs over the last year.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Link Building

I spent some time over the weekend doing some link building work for my sites. It is very time consuming work. least the way I do it. I always find appropriate sites and send a unique email suggesting either a link swap or some kind of partnership. Sometimes people email back very excited to work with me and some folks don't respond (or my email gets lost). I always sign the emails with my first and last name and my city (Boston, MA). A lot of people have lived in Boston as one point in their lives and it is a nice way to connect with folks. (plus I think it helps that I'm female and I live in the US) I kind of enjoy the work ...but as I said is very time consuming.

A new approach I tried was using stumbleupon. I would set it up so that I was subscribed to one niche that I was working on (say it was weddings) then I would stumble through wedding sites until I found an interesting one and send an email for a link.

Still extremely time consuming ...but relaxing and fun work.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have been a member of blogads since last April. It has been a nice source of income for me. (I only have two blogs that are running ads) Recently I noticed that they are trying to sell ads that belong to a "hive" (don't ask me why they use such a silly word). Anyway there are "hives" that are centered around gossip, conservatives, liberals, gadgets, food, get the picture. Anyway, there was a "shopping hive" that seemed to be neglected. I asked about it, got offered to run it and VOILA!!! I am get to invite blogads bloggers into this little hive. The cool part is a get a small cut of the profits from the folks I invite to join. For a gal like me who loves 'multiple streams of income' this is right up my alley!!

I have invitations to the Blogads network (you don't need to qualify for the shopping hive) if you have a cool blog and you get decent traffic 5000+ a month. Email me at with the name of your blog and I'll send you an invite.
Let's make millions together!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Clearing out the junk!!

Okay, I have been hard at work canceling crap I do not need!! So far I have said good bye to:

1 65.00 every six months hosting account at Ipower
1 75.00 every six months hosting account at Liquidweb
2 3.99 a month hosting accounts at Godaddy
1 108.00 every six months account at aweber (this just got renewed - shucks!!)
1 29.95 a month subscription to Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club
1 15.00 a month subscription to Burt's SmArticle Template Pack
1 29.99 a month subscription to Niche Site Profits
1 100.00 a month subscription to SEOBlackHat Forum

It's the little crap that wears us down.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Does anybody out there in internet land have any success with adbrite? I see some of my competitors do quite nicely, but I've made a total of .17 cents!! I need to email their support or something ...or move my ad location.

Any ADBRITE suggestions would be most welcome!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keyword Avalanche

Some folks asked me about Keyword Avalanche. It really is a good forum!! You can read folks (not me) talking about it on the warrior forum
and here's my affiliate link if you are so inclined to sign up. Keyword Avalanche

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Man!!! The Warior Forum is addicting. Tons of stuff to learn and try.
Gotta stay out of there and work.

Thinking about the Warior Forum, I'm drawn to think about the money I throw around learning all the ins and outs of internet marketing. I'm curious to what monthly subscription things you all belong to?

I belong to waaaaaayyyy toooo many monthly subscription programs and need to drop some. I'm going to list them here for you all to see so I'm shamed into getting rid of some.

Here's my inventory (they say awareness is the first step):
Keyword Avalanche (aff link) this one is awesome!! and I won't give up. I've learned a ton. Lots of helpful people and discounts and general good stuff. A bargain at $57.00 a month. I read it everyday.

SeoblackHat - lots of black hat tricks. I think I'm the only female on the whole board. I don't read it enough...I'm going to cancel before the next payment $100.00 a month (ouch!) - I'll keep this one cause it is cheap and even though I don't participate much, I have a few sites in this niche and it doesn't take much time. $12.00 a month

Burt's Monthly thingy - I don't even know what it is called -- more stuff I don't use and I should cancel. $15.00 a month.

Wealthy Affiliate (aff link) this one is new to me, I impulsively signed up a week or so ago after watching a video that came to my mailbox. My first impression is that it looks like really great info. And there is a TON of info. But probably not necessary for me. $29.99 a month

NicheSiteProfits - This one gives you four websites a month with articles, keywords and graphics. I've only belonged to this a couple of months but I have yet to put up a site with the materials !! and for this I pay $29.99 a month.

Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club - Info about doing adwords which I have never done!! I have to cancel this one. $29.99 a month

There it is!! $275.00 a month!! most of which I don't use. Okay that's the end of my dirty secret for this evening.

Oh, and did I mention I want to joing Stompernet???