Sunday, September 17, 2006

Washington Post launches a blog network

I saw this post on Steve Rubel's blog and signed up one of my blogs.

It is a network similar to blogads and looks pretty good for another way to monetize my blogs. I was contacted this week by Jeff the manager of the program. (I was so honored!) He hopes to get it running in the next month or so as soon as they nail down all the legal stuff.

If you have a blog, scoot on over there and submit it. (he said about 800 blogs were submitted so far)

In related news-- blogads has updated it's system and I have completely fallen off the radar. All summer I was selling ads effortlessly...and routinely had 5 or 6 showing on my blog at one time. Now, I have zip.

BUT>>> an effort to make something good out of it, I am taking offering free 2 week ads to some of the friends I've made in the blogosphere. That way my blog doesn't look like a empty ad wasteland and I build up some nice karma.

I'm sure it will all work out in the end. ...and I have been selling Text Link Ads like crazy. If you aren't putting these on your site, you are missing an opportunity!! Very little work for a good amount of cash!! You can also sign up to Buy Links ..where you purchase $25.00 of ads and they give you $100.00 of ads free.

Anyway, short update. Hope you are all well and making piles of money.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Plan for September

When I started on this journey, I didn't know what I was doing, so I jumped in with blogs. Now, over a year later, I somewhat regret it since they are a lot of work to keep up.

However, during the month of June, I actively tried to post as much as possible. I liked the results, my traffic increased and things seems to be moving in the right direction. During the months of July and August, I've slacked a bit. I post a lot to my main money maker site....but the others was catch as catch can. Starting today, I am beginning another posting blitz on all blogs and will combine it with a commenting blitz to blogs in my niche as well.

Wish me luck!!

Traffic Update

ggg May's avg = 541 June avg = 633 July avg = 760 Aug avg = 840 goal 800 (hit massively by stumbleupon)
ggs May's avg = 60 June avg = 80 July avg = 63 Aug avg = 65 goal 100
ggb May's avg = 96 June avg = 121 July avg = 135 Aug avg = 135 goal 140
ggga May's avg = 8 June avg = 18 July avg = 37 Aug avg = 139 goal 50 (hit massively by stumbleupon)
ggp May's avg = 19 June avg = 38 July avg = 34 Aug avg = 28 goal 50 WENT DOWN!!
ggw May's avg = 31 June avg = 52 July avg = 37 Aug avg 53 goal 75

Earnings update

Adsense 208.00
Affiliate sales 89.00 from CJ 11.00 from Linkshare
TextAds 127.10
BlogAds 163.67

Adsense 108.35
Affiliate sales 0.00
TextAds 88.07
BlogAds 115.66

Adsense 86.61
Affiliate sales 0.00
TextAds 31.62
BlogAds 222.37