Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend Plans

I've got lots planned for the weekend to get a bunch done on my sites.

First up, I need to do some work for my day job. What?? you say? On the weekend?? I know it is pathetic, but this is a really busy time and I hate feeling stressed and behind the 8 ball I'd rather do a bit of work on the weekend and feel more relaxed during the week. I'm wierd, I know.

Second up, I need to write a proposal for a big freelance project that I am starting. I have mixed feelings about taking this on, but I really want the ca$h!! I want to move out of my current condo and buy a house. and I live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. enough said. I will make more money on this freelance web project than I do with my online marketing projects until this balance switches, I'm going to continue to do this work and continue to raise my prices.

Third up, I get to work on my sites. Wahooey!! First, I need to respond to a bunch of emailand post a bunch to my blogs. I've had a friend working on one of my sites which I believe has huge $$$$ potential for making money. She has not been keeping it active pisses me off... so I'm going to start posting and getting links for the site. (advertisers love this site just needs traffic)

Fouth up, I'm going to launch my new blog, datafeed site. I thought it would be fun to try to get some new low maintenance sites up. Not sure if it will go anywhere. But, in anticipation of Xmas, this is my first shot.

Fifth...I want to exercise and get out with my camera.
wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I don't know what I'm doing. I feel like taking 3 weeks off from my day job and just working on my sites. I feel like I going in a million different directions.

I've got 6 blogs and 1 website that has a blog and a forum.

One website does a decent job with traffic you can see below many of the other SUCK!!

Three blogs get 37 visitors a freaking day...who makes money with that??!!

Ick -- I'm going to bed.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


Traffic update

ggg May's avg = 541 June avg = 633 July avg = 760 goal 800
ggs May's avg = 60 June avg = 80 July avg = 63 goal 100
ggb May's avg = 96 June avg = 121 July avg = 135 goal 140
ggga May's avg = 8 June avg = 18 July avg = 37 goal 50
ggp May's avg = 19 June avg = 38 July avg = 34 goal 50
ggw May's avg = 31 June avg = 52 July avg = 37 goal 75

as you can see -- after my big posting push in june ...some of my traffic eased off as my posting eased off in July. Not sure what my plan will be with this. Maybe drop the lowest traffic site and proceed? Posting alot to blogs is a must for them to be successful and make money. But it is a lot of work and it is time consuming. Argh!

Tons to update

Well, as you may have guessed, I dropped out of the 30 day challenge. Finding a good niche to work kept tripping me up. Then I fell behind and let myself give up.

I have lots going on at the moment and am glad for what I learned in the challenge and someday may go back to it. But want to focus on what is in front of me at the moment.

I had my one year anniversary july 31 of putting up my first blog. Pretty exciting!! I've come a long way! I sometimes want to get down on myself for it not happening faster ...but it is what it is.
This month I finally hit the $100.00 goal in google. I made about $85.00 in text ads and $260 in blogads and $160.00 in affiliate sales. I'm pretty happy. I now have seven sites.

The month of June I focused on posting more to my blogs and increasing traffic. I fell off that a bit this month and traffic on some of my blogs suffered. Posting more works! It is time consuming though!!

I'll post more of an update on the weekend...but this is a busy time for me at my day job and I have a ton of freelance web hopefully I'll have some time to dig in and work on my sites.

Caution ...the software on one of my wordpress blogs at my day job was not up to date and we got this wierd hacked/virus wierdness that had to be removed. (javascript gets written on the php pages) anyway ...update wordpress if you haven't already!
there is a plugin that will back up your database and the whole process is pretty easy. I should know, ive done 10 upgrades already