Friday, June 16, 2006

Posting like a madwoman

I've been posting like crazy. Tonight I am taking the night off, however. I am tired. I'll take inventory this weekend since I am a little more than half way through the month and I started being *very* focused on June 4. Traffic is going up up up. Not hugely or anything.

However, I am stymied by one of my blogs: I thought I would check if it had been indexed so I went to google and did: and I got back 133 results but all the results are full of spam and NOT the content on my blog. Does anyone know what is at play? I asked in a couple of forums but no one has gotton back to me yet.

Carry ON!!!

BTW, I got my first actual payout from blogads and it was 222.00 yippeeee!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Traffic update

I checked my traffic stats tonight on all of my sites and numbers are steadily going up. I'm emailing and searching to find good places to exchange links as well. Pushing out all the stops ...nothing is going to stop me for this month of June. Weekend coming up and outside client work is very minimal so I will be able to spend a good chunk of time getting posts ready in advance to make next week a litle easier. (Weather is supposed to suck as well ..which makes it easy to sit in front of the computer all day.) I sold another blogad ad as well. Woo hoo!
FYI, the owner of Text Link Ads was interviewed on Shoemoney's show over at webmaster radio if you want to hear more about the program.
I'm off to read more of Aaron Wall's SEO book. Everyone recommends it. (not an affiliate link)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm still posting

My chant is "effortlessly" "effortlessly" as I fill out these blog posts in my six shopping blogs. (this blog doesn't count but it is number seven) I am not taking the time always to put in the affiliate links every single time--it bogs down the process at this point. I figure now is the time to try to get traffic!!! Traffic posting!! posting!! traffic!!

I decided NOT to make fake comments on my blogs and then comment back as myself in a schizo way. I'm going to let it happen naturally. However, I did go to two other people's blogs and comment on them. So, maybe that will have some kind of effect if I keep at it. I'll try to comment on a couple more before I call it quits for the night.

I signed up with Text Link Ads last weekend and made two sales today!! One of the sales is on a site in the travel industry that gets virtually NO TRAFFIC (like it is my worst performer ...maybe 5 visitors a day) and I sold an ad for $20.00 a month. Try to get THAT with adsense!!

If you want to sign up for Text Link Ads, I highly recommend it ...very easy and they do all the work for you. You just put a little code on your page. The link above is my affiliate link ...feel free to use it or not. I am running it on four sites and am now going to try to get it on the other two. Not a lot to loose.
Good luck everyone!

Monday, June 05, 2006

traffic increasing day 2

I've posted to all 6 blogs. I've got a few posts in the can for a couple of blogs. (it is very time consuming!!)
I signed up for Yaro's traffic course. He suggests that I comment on every comment that comes through. I don't get many comments. Should I assume a different personality and comment on my own blog and then comment back as myself?
Seems like it could fool "some" of the people "some" of the time. Maybe I'll try experimenting doing that on one blog. Leave the rest alone. I feel like it is important to put yourself out honestly and it comes back 10 fold.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


This month I am going to focus on increasing traffic to my sites. I will do this by posting more, requesting links from folks I blog about, and trying to engage other bloggers in my niches to link to me.

Below are the details on how many visitors I got for the month of May and my goal for visitors for the month of June.

This month is all about increasing traffic by focusing on increasing content by posting, posting and MORE posting. Combined with linking linking linking.

ggg May's avg = 541 a day June goal 800 a day
ggs May's avg = 60 a day June goal 100 a day
ggb May's avg = 96 a day June goal 140 a day
ggga May's avg = 8 a day June goal 50 a day
ggp May's avg = 19 a day June goal 50 a day
ggw May's avg = 31 a day June goal 75 a day

I've got work to do!! Note, I've barely been updating the sites ggga and ggp and ggw. Keeping 6 blogs/sites updated with content everyday will be challenging. Let's see if I can increase my income!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Time to update. Hard to believe a month has passed!
Google Adwords: 66.76
Blogads: 182.42

Hey everybody I'm a 3 figure blogger!!

Here's my posting update for May:
ggb 30
ggp 0
ggg 54
ggs 19
ggga 1

I think a big barrier to making money for me with my blogs is that I need to post more. I want to start new sites (and I just bought 3 on godaddy 5 minutes ago!) but I really need to focus on the ones I've got.

It is very obvious that if I have the traffic, I can certainly sell the advertising ...witness blogads $$$
above. And I am doing nothing to get the ads is all just coming to me with no reach out or prodding on my part.
I must stay focused and get these sites more traffic!!

Hard though, Jenn and BJ look like they are having so much fun!!