Sunday, September 23, 2007

Business in a Box - for sale

In the same spirit of Burt's sale, I have 5 "box set" businesses for sale. If you've ever wanted to play around with selling your own products, here is a chance to start with practically everything done for you!
Each box includes:
  • 10 articles (in Microsoft word and .txt format)
  • Keywords
  • a Website template (including photoshop files)
  • An ebook product for you to sell (at least 25 pages of content)
  • Cover graphic already made for you
  • A sales letter and thank you page designed to sell the product.
  • EULA which gives you the right to sell the product/use the articles and website (but does not let you sell the whole package like I am doing here)

Basically everything is pretty much done for you. Just edit it a bit to make it your own, set up a website with everything provided and start selling.

Here's the topics available: (I will only be selling one copy of each)


Price is: $25.00 each. Please email me at lizh30dc AT gmail DOT com
and I will give you my paypal address.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Found a Cool Plugin for Affiliate Links

One thing that always bugs me is the big ugly affiliate links. Like:

Probably most surfers don't notice ...I don't think I did before I got into affiliate marketing and got the inside scoop. But it can be much cleaner with a new wordpress plugin I found at:

I heard Alice Seba talking about redirecting her links at one point so that users would view a cleaner url when they moused over the link...but it seemed like way too much work, so this is an easier solution. It makes me a tad nervous, truth be told, just in case the plugin is not kept up for future versions of wordpress.

This is more busy work that can keep my going for hours!! I sure do love me some busywork!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

LinkWorth - More Passive Income

I'm having good results with linkworth as another easy way to sell text links on my blogs and sites. It is not as drop dead easy as TLA since the website seems to be stupidly confusing!
But, good news is you only have to figure it out once and then you can sit back and pull in the cash.

My tendency is to think "i gotta make some new sites" when the easy thing to do is "work on the ones I got".