Saturday, January 27, 2007

Link Building

I spent some time over the weekend doing some link building work for my sites. It is very time consuming work. least the way I do it. I always find appropriate sites and send a unique email suggesting either a link swap or some kind of partnership. Sometimes people email back very excited to work with me and some folks don't respond (or my email gets lost). I always sign the emails with my first and last name and my city (Boston, MA). A lot of people have lived in Boston as one point in their lives and it is a nice way to connect with folks. (plus I think it helps that I'm female and I live in the US) I kind of enjoy the work ...but as I said is very time consuming.

A new approach I tried was using stumbleupon. I would set it up so that I was subscribed to one niche that I was working on (say it was weddings) then I would stumble through wedding sites until I found an interesting one and send an email for a link.

Still extremely time consuming ...but relaxing and fun work.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have been a member of blogads since last April. It has been a nice source of income for me. (I only have two blogs that are running ads) Recently I noticed that they are trying to sell ads that belong to a "hive" (don't ask me why they use such a silly word). Anyway there are "hives" that are centered around gossip, conservatives, liberals, gadgets, food, get the picture. Anyway, there was a "shopping hive" that seemed to be neglected. I asked about it, got offered to run it and VOILA!!! I am get to invite blogads bloggers into this little hive. The cool part is a get a small cut of the profits from the folks I invite to join. For a gal like me who loves 'multiple streams of income' this is right up my alley!!

I have invitations to the Blogads network (you don't need to qualify for the shopping hive) if you have a cool blog and you get decent traffic 5000+ a month. Email me at with the name of your blog and I'll send you an invite.
Let's make millions together!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Clearing out the junk!!

Okay, I have been hard at work canceling crap I do not need!! So far I have said good bye to:

1 65.00 every six months hosting account at Ipower
1 75.00 every six months hosting account at Liquidweb
2 3.99 a month hosting accounts at Godaddy
1 108.00 every six months account at aweber (this just got renewed - shucks!!)
1 29.95 a month subscription to Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club
1 15.00 a month subscription to Burt's SmArticle Template Pack
1 29.99 a month subscription to Niche Site Profits
1 100.00 a month subscription to SEOBlackHat Forum

It's the little crap that wears us down.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Does anybody out there in internet land have any success with adbrite? I see some of my competitors do quite nicely, but I've made a total of .17 cents!! I need to email their support or something ...or move my ad location.

Any ADBRITE suggestions would be most welcome!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keyword Avalanche

Some folks asked me about Keyword Avalanche. It really is a good forum!! You can read folks (not me) talking about it on the warrior forum
and here's my affiliate link if you are so inclined to sign up. Keyword Avalanche

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Man!!! The Warior Forum is addicting. Tons of stuff to learn and try.
Gotta stay out of there and work.

Thinking about the Warior Forum, I'm drawn to think about the money I throw around learning all the ins and outs of internet marketing. I'm curious to what monthly subscription things you all belong to?

I belong to waaaaaayyyy toooo many monthly subscription programs and need to drop some. I'm going to list them here for you all to see so I'm shamed into getting rid of some.

Here's my inventory (they say awareness is the first step):
Keyword Avalanche (aff link) this one is awesome!! and I won't give up. I've learned a ton. Lots of helpful people and discounts and general good stuff. A bargain at $57.00 a month. I read it everyday.

SeoblackHat - lots of black hat tricks. I think I'm the only female on the whole board. I don't read it enough...I'm going to cancel before the next payment $100.00 a month (ouch!) - I'll keep this one cause it is cheap and even though I don't participate much, I have a few sites in this niche and it doesn't take much time. $12.00 a month

Burt's Monthly thingy - I don't even know what it is called -- more stuff I don't use and I should cancel. $15.00 a month.

Wealthy Affiliate (aff link) this one is new to me, I impulsively signed up a week or so ago after watching a video that came to my mailbox. My first impression is that it looks like really great info. And there is a TON of info. But probably not necessary for me. $29.99 a month

NicheSiteProfits - This one gives you four websites a month with articles, keywords and graphics. I've only belonged to this a couple of months but I have yet to put up a site with the materials !! and for this I pay $29.99 a month.

Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club - Info about doing adwords which I have never done!! I have to cancel this one. $29.99 a month

There it is!! $275.00 a month!! most of which I don't use. Okay that's the end of my dirty secret for this evening.

Oh, and did I mention I want to joing Stompernet???