Thursday, December 22, 2005

Clear Sailing

Well, I know I keep harping on these web design side jobs but as of 5 minutes ago they are all done! Yea me! Nice little chunk of change coming in from them. So, it only leave one tiny job (which is a barter situation) and a big honking job where I am waiting on the client. There is a second big honking job that was started several months ago and is in stall mode also. (not my fault ....since I am the sub contractor on all these). So...what does this mean? It means I am free!!! freee!!! to work solely and exclusively on my own sites for a bit. Feels really good. Adsense the last few days is doing really well ...boy adsense can get addicting. I'm going to go off now and figure out my total moneys earned over the last few months..... I always find it interesting when I find that kind of thing on other folks' sites ...then I'm going to surf around for an hour before I leave for the day.

How are you all doing ? Do tell!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

weekend madness

Crazy time of year and crazy amount of things to do. Good news is that I sent out 2 invoices for web side jobs and will have another one to send tomorrow. I have almost all my xmas cards in the mail ( a new record for earlyness for me!). I am trying to clear everything off my plate so that I can concentrate on my own projects....won't happen completely but it will be good to get all this little stuff OVER.

As for my affiliate stuff (after all that is what this blog is supposed to focus on) one site is going strong ...adsense is better that usual ..I'm sure due to the holidays. However, I have had several over $2.00 dollar days and I have never hit $2.00 before ever!! Traffic is steadily increasing too. (I should make a happy graph and post it here ...because I am very proud of my steady increase in traffic!!)

My site (which was launched in late July has a google page rank of 4 and an alexa page rank of 126,222. I know these number mean diddly ...but at least they prove to me I am getting somewhere. I am trying to keep up my current blog and start 2 new ones.

We'll see..... I'll write more tomorrow is late...and I'm going to go watch Sleeper Cell on TIVO.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

got my first check

It was from October and a big $2.00 from Linkshare! ...gotta start somewhere. I got linked from Treehugger today ...always a nice spike in traffic.

I'm trying to get a few more sites up ...tough to get the time in though.
more later.

Friday, December 09, 2005

trudging along

Well...always forward motion ...never as fast as I would like but I'm moving that is the good news.

So, I have a regular 9-5 job as a webmaster at a university and then I have a freelance web dev. business and now I've got affiliate marketing. ...and not enough time to do everything!

Anyway, enough complaining. Earlier this week I was listening to a podcast on webmaster radio with Jen from (it was from august or so). She was talking about YPN and how they were only going to let 2000 publishers join the program through the end of the year.. Well, I got to feeling "special" that I was chosen to be one of those 2000 and so I switched off adsense an replace it with YPN for 3 days.

Stupid move!! ...I didn't get one click and this is the busiest time of the year!!! Do you think I gave it enough time? for the most part, my ads were not very appropriate for my site ...Oh well now I am back to google and getting my $1.00 or so a day. I also took off many of the chitika ads I was running on my site since they were only rarely bringing in any money and I think the site looks better with a few less ads.

So, I'm in the process of setting up 4 more sites ....yeeks.
more later!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Things are going great!

I had a business meeting with my new partner yesterday ...she is pysched to work on this with me and I am psyched to have her help. She will be a great writer for my blogs.

We brainstormed many ideas and I am happy with the place we are taking the business. Basically we will create a network of blogs that will have focus but some affiliate marketing thrown in on the products if it is available ...I figure if I'm writing the review and linking to the product ...may as well add an affiliate link if available. Important not to force the affiliate angle however since I sense that folks smell the manipulation matter how much I try to mask it.

As for my one blog that is up and running ...I checked the stats and it is growing at a rate of 20% more visitors every month. That is pretty good.

Earlier this week I got linked to by whenever they link to me it means lots of traffic for me ...always nice.

My webdesign side biz almost lost a big client tonight ( i was sorta hoping it would so that I could concentrate on my sites ) BAD!!! BAD!!! Oh well...we are back making yet another design for them. Thing is..>I had a feeling from the get-go that this company was going to be trouble!!! Gotta listen to your gut!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, my saturday got a bit messed by a friend landing in town ...but it was great to see her and I don't regret taking the time away from my plans here. I'm working alot this weekend on my webdesign business ...I've got a huge project from hell and the client is finally ready to go.

I'm sad that it will take me away from my affiliate web money making projects ...but it is a big chunk o' change and I am happy to have the work. Hopefully once we get the navigation issues nailed down all the product pages will almost make themselves!!

I purchased a menu system (popup menus) from to help me with the site. Those darn drop down menus are a big fat pain!!! Anyway, project seven makes nice products that work in every browser. I highly recommend them! (not for affiliate stuff ..but for regular brochure ware sights)

Last thing....I found a site tonight that has tons of sites listed that will be great from my affiliate blog. Loads of inspiration and stuff to blog about. Also they were offering a link in their listing for $35.00 a year. I bet that brings them in a nice bit of mooolah for barely any work!!!

Anyway got me thinking ...(alway a dangerous thing!!) more later!!