Saturday, May 05, 2007

Selling ads directly - Update

I successfully sold a year's worth of advertising directly a few weeks ago. I sold a years worth on 5 blogs for a little 120 x 120 little thing that has text ads in it. I was reading Tyler Cruz's blog today and he gives all the details of his deal where he sold a block (similar in size and style to the one I sold) on 7 blogs for TWO years. ...I got well over half of what he got for only committing to one year and 5 I think I brokered myself a pretty good deal. (plus his advertiser is a porn ... and mine is shopping) It sure is nice to get a big chunk of change like that all at once. I'd love to make a habit of it!! Did I mention we're moving from a ridiculously expensive area (Boston) to an even MORE ridiculous area (San Diego) at the end of June? Oh well. We sold our condo in two days with two offers so no complaints. I'm picturing blue sky ahead!! ...oh yeah, there's blue sky every day in San Diego..... What else is going on? I've depressingly fallen below my goals for my travel site. Only 4 posts in the month of April ...but the traffic climbed an tiny bit ...(75 visitors a day avg) ....going to try to get this to 100 for the month of May.
Good luck everyone!