Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back Home

Happy to be home. Vacation was nice but home is better. I do dread going back to the day job on Monday, however. I would love to hang working on my sites.

News in my world....last week there was an article in the SFGate about "green blogs" (this is my niche) and my main site was mentioned!! It was such a kick ...I was just thrilled and tickled pink. ...and I got some good traffic out of it, too!!!

I just signed up yesterday with performancing. It seems like a cool product for blogs and it is free!! I was using ...but it costs $25.00 a year per blog....seeing as I have seven or so blogs going gets a bit pricey. So I think performancing will be great because you can see all the blogs from one interface (don't have to keep logging in and out). I really need to bump up the traffic on my new blogs, however...they are severely behind and I tend to push my main blog the most.
Oh well....

I am still working on my new site that is based on the pregnancy site ...I wish I were a better designer!! it is frustrating ...but I did alot of the writing over vacation and I just want to get the dang site UP!!!
This new site will be a bit different format for me as it will have a lot of static content and then a blog as one of the 8 or so pages ...this will cut on the pressure (I HOPE!!) of feeling like I have to constantly be updating these crazy sites.

Anyway ...more later ...let me know how you are all doing!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

On Vacation

Here I am - on vacation in not so sunny California. Feels great to be away from the daily grind of the 9 to 5 day job. (not that the job is bad or anything...but nice to get out of the fray).

I've got a couple of things going on. One of my blogs is getting posts "borrowed" on a somewhat regular basis. About 50% of the time they give me credit but it annoys me when they don't!! (so today I sent a friendly email and said "hi you forgot to give me credit on this post -- thanks for fixing it" ...we'll see what happens. I've tried to let it go and just not go visit this particular site ...but that is just not happening!! not today anyway!!

I got a new advertiser on one of my blogs which is cool. So I have 2 advertisers now! go me!! I seem to be getting a bit more email for some of my blogs as well giving me suggestions on what to post about (always appreciated).
more later!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

weekend - woohoo

I'm totally psyched it is the weekend and I can work on my sites. I have to fix up one blog so that my ads show on more pages and also there is something freaky in that the category pages throw up an error I need to dig in and do some coding.

But I have a great idea for a new site and I'm going to try to get it up this weekend. I'm going to try to take what I can learn from that pregnancy site and churn out a new site in a completely different niche of course.

I leave for vacation on wednesday for 10 days so I know it will be tuff to keep up with content while I am away and I'm dreaming if I think I can do any development. But I will bring a laptop and I will have internet access so one never knows.

Nice thing is that my web design side business has slowed down a bit so that is one less distraction.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

I've been absent

This affiliate marketing life is truly a rollercoaster. So full of hope and promise for a few days and then sunk in doom and gloom that it will never work. Guess where I have been lately?

I just have to keep plugging!! It can and will work if I am persistent. What caught my eye today is a site that was sold on sitepoint for the price of $5000.00. Site was: . This site only has about 12 pages of content!! not much at all ...but affiliate links and contextual ads are strategically placed and it brings in $500.00 a month. (the site was less than 2 years old but had a page rank of 4 and good back linking ) ...anyway, I think it is truly amazing.

Anyway, enough dreaming the good news is that the traffic on my main site has consistently grown month over month since I started in august and this month the daily numbers have almost every day been over 300 ...where as last month I only had a few days over 300.

Message for today is keep on keeping on!