Friday, July 14, 2006


Saw a great online seminar earlier this week featuring Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Watch. You can see a recorded version of the seminar (including the PowerPoint slides) here. installs webex on your computer ...but I still recommend it.

Also the free Clicktracks program is pretty sweet if your host provides log files. I haven't tried their paid stuff.

I'm loosing steam on the 30 day challenge....I'm going to try to suck up as much information as possible. But it is a time sucker!

Friday, July 07, 2006

30 day challenge continues.

30 day challenge is freaking hard!! it is a lot of work but I am committed ...why not? I am a few days behind at the moment but figure I can catch up this weekend. But, i've got my product topic picked out and I am moving forward!!

I am still posting pretty heavy on my regular sites, too, so I'm managing to keep up my pace more or less...okay a little less ..but not too bad.

Adsense income has taken a big jump lately and just keeps going up. (we're not talking big numbers or anything but I am happy with the direction!!) I've also sold a few ads so money continues to trickle in.

Finally moving over the DNS for a big side website project this weekend which means the darn thing is done and I get to invoice it. Woo hoo!!

Also met a new client today for lunch who seems to have a lot of work to throw my way. All good!

At my day job, I am setting up a blog for a VIP...I thought I may like to get in to creating a consulting practice around blogs... so this will be a practice run on that. not sure if this is something I want to pursue passionately or not.

more later....

Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm going to do it!

I'm going to go for it with the 30 day challenge.

This is a hard decision since I also need to keep my posting up on my 6 websites/blogs. I want to continue to grow these properties since traffic and adsense income is climbing on all of them. The six websites/blogs also provide the occasional affiliate sale along with advertising income from blogads and text links ads.

Anyway, I just finished a big side client job and with the exception of my day job, I've got free time. I am holding a vision of myself working from home and for myself. I see my internet marketing empire very successfull and easily making $300.00 a day.
I'm off to jump in to the fire!! and will only allow a completely positive attitude for the duration of this project!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Traffic Building Month update

ggg May's avg = 541 a day June goal 800 a day Hit 633
ggs May's avg = 60 a day June goal 100 a day Hit 80
ggb May's avg = 96 a day June goal 140 a day Hit 121
ggga May's avg = 8 a day June goal 50 a day Hit 18
ggp May's avg = 19 a day June goal 50 a day Hit 38
ggw May's avg = 31 a day June goal 75 a day Hit 52

So I didn't hit any of my goals but traffic did go up on all of my sites. I still have a good long ways to go. Adsense earnings was up ($86.00). I sold a few more TextLink Ads ($30.00), sold some Blogads (not sure how much) Affiliate sales aprox. ($30.00). I didn't post *every* day on all the blogs but did much better overall. I'm happy with my progress and will continue.

Now, I need to decide where else to spend my time. There is the 30 day challenge with Ed Dale, I just impulsively purchased (bad me!!) a script to use wordpress with datafeeds, and I still belong to a membership site which is full of promise, if I buckle down and figure out what they are doing and how they are making their money.

And then there is the day job and the client work. We'll see....I check back and let you know what kind of trouble I am getting myself into!