Sunday, April 30, 2006

Check from Google

Got my first ever check from google for $109.00 - way cool. I started this road in August with one site. Brought 4 more sites online around January. Then another site in Feb and another site in April. For a total of seven sites so far. So it took 8 months for me to make my first $100.00. BTW, For the month of april money earned from google so far is $ things seem to be on the upward trend!
I'm a little early but here is my posting updates for april:

ggb - 27
ggp - 0
ggg - 44
ggs - 10
ggga - 0

You can see last months posting trend in the archives some where if you are intersted.

I'm going to go out and take some photos of spring and take a break from the computer.

Friday, April 28, 2006

301 redirects

Went through all my sites and added 301 redirects so that only one version of the site exists. It had been in the back of my mind for some time so I am glad it is out of the way. While I was doing this work, I thought I'd go back and purchase the plural of the name of one of my sites to avoid confusion for my site users. Unfortunately, someone bought the domain name two days ago. Bummer.

Anyway, I uses the instructions for the 301 redirect here:
and here.

Monday, April 24, 2006

adsense channels cleanup

So, I just went through all my site and cleaned up the adsense ads. I tweaked the colors a little bit on the ones that needed it and then I made many channels so basically now I am tracking each ad on each blog. Previously it was a tad haphhazard. It should make things a bit more interesting. I really have the info to do some good testing.

I know this is basic stuff and I should have been doing it since day one but originally I was overwhelmed with all the options and I am slowly able to get down to the details of things.

My new site --I saw a post on a forum from a woman who was writing an article on the niche and she was looking to talk to folks. I *hesitated* for a few hours (bad!!) and then emailed her but she never called. It would have been a nice piece of offline PR. Shucks.

All for now....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

new site launched

Finally launched my new site. I was listening to a podcast from Joe Vitale...he was talking about abundance. Anyway, I forget the exact context but he mentioned that the universe gives you ideas ..and you have to act on them FAST!!
I should have been faster with the launch of this website. However, if I had my way entirely, I would have worked on it another month before I launched. So, it was a compromise and I am glad it is LIVE!! Perfectionism is sometimes fear with another name on it. The new site is certainly not perfect ...but it is live.

Anyway, my other sites are doing well. I've made so far this month in adsense, what I made in the entirety of last month. I think that is good since there is still a good week left of april. (I'm talking about $29.00 which is my all time high with adsense) I'm making affiliate sales with several products. Not huge numbers but I'm making them!

Since I'm let go of Martel and Keyword Avalanche I treated myself to a couple of educational incentives!

I bought an ebook which came recommended in Alan Gardayne's newsletter (name escapes me) ...haven't started reading it but I will give a review when I do.

I also bought Alice Seba's Sweetie something or other (it consists of a few audio files and some pdfs). I've listened to the audio files and it is a bit basic for me but I did get some good advice regarding keeping things organized and whatnot. It seems worth the $27.00. and she really is a sweetie!!

I've also been listening again to the "six figure blogging" course that I took over the winter. That class pisses me off for some reason ...I didn't feel like I learned enough for the money. It makes me so mad that I listen to the series over and over so that I can glean every little last crumb!! And I must grudgingly admit that I did get a good tip out of what I was listening to in traffic this week. Darren mentioned linking to other blogs in your same niche. Sometimes I get scared to blog about my competitors ..even though I am happy when they blog about me. So that is something I will try to do more. Because you DO develop relationships out here in cyberland and they are fun and they come in handy.

Just for the record, PubCon was here in Boston this week and I LIVE IN BOSTON and was not able to go. I kind of blew my budget at my day job going to SearchEngine Strategies and didn't feel like I could take the time off. Very very silly. I should have signed up the minute I heard about it and not given it another thought!!

Oh well, I am going to work really hard and study very diligently and be working for myself soon with plenty of money to go to any darn seminar I want!! so there!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cleaning out

So, I, too, gave up my subscription to the James Martell Buzz this weekend. Following a few wise souls....

I never really listened to it much it was truly a waste of money...besides all the other complaints.

I'm also letting go of my subscription to KeyWordAvalanche ...I was lured in by the promise of putting up sites and raking in piles of money. But basically it is a bunch of sploggers and I don't really want to spend my energy and time on crap. Call me wierd ...but I'd like to put up sites that have some value to someone somewhere...even if that value is entertainment by shopping or even poker or porn (I don't do poker or porn at this time) ...but just a bunch of scrapper spam is useless...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Advertiser!!

Wow! That was cool. I got a new advertiser...just popped in my email box like magic. I like it when it is easy!! $50.00 a month. Way cool. Starts on May 2... a good advertiser for my site as well.

I'm going to start putting blogads on a second site this weekend and invite a couple of folks to try it out for free. ...then take it from there.

I'm stoked!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

stumbleupon mania continues

Still getting hit by loads of traffic from Stumbleupon. Goods news is that it is bumping up my traffic so I look better to advertisers at blogads and I even qualify to put up clickmedia ads.

I need to approach more people to see if they want to advertise on my site. Is that how it is done? or do I wait to folks approach me?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Posting Update

Post update for month of March ...I must POST MORE
ggb - 16 posts
ggp - 7 posts
ggg - 35 posts
ggs - 6 posts
ggga - 1 posts


My main blog is getting hit from visitors at stumbleupon like wildfire! Wow! I hope I get some folks who come back once in a while. I forget if I submitted my site to Stumbleupon(I must have) or they just found me. It is way fun.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Feeling Crazed!!

So just to update my last post ..performancing kinda sucks. it is nice and easy to go from blog to blog to blog ...but it doesn't seem to be capturing traffic or referrals very well. I like to watch the referrals.

About referrals, it was awesome that I was watching them in real time (via mybloglog) and noticed all the traffic coming in from the SFGate article last week. Since I saw all that traffic coming in, it moved me to put in a couple of posts since the current one on the top was not exactly stellar! so that is an argument into having real time stats...and checking them!! The stats I get from my hosting company only update once a day.

So, anyway, I am using the free version of mybloglog on a couple of my blogs ...but the free version info is a day old and limited....probably okay for me for now since most of my other sites are not too high traffic yet...but my main blog that gets majority of traffic, attention and $$$ has the full version.

I had a BIG month for me adsense wise ...almost $30.00 up from $11.00 last month. I also sold 2 ads last month. One for $40.00 for 3 months and one for $50.00 for one month.

I'm still trying to get a new site up. I was working furiously just to get the darn thing up when my husband saw it and he brought reality to my head. He made me realize that the site really needs to look classy and professional. So, it is back to the drawing board on that one. But, I want to get it up so bad I am almost hyperventilating!! Can anyone relate? I feel like it is a great niche with not a lot of competition....and the time is now!!

Oh well, this weekend will be devoted to this new site along with a bit of web grunt work for one of my side biz clients. Not complaining about the grunt work...I'll crank some podcasts and be in heaven.

Leave any stats package recommendation (that are cheap!!) in my comments.