Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back again - January 2010 Earnings....

Here I go again.....

I always love when folks print their earnings and I see that I haven't listed mine since May 2008?? Can that be??

Oh well, Here goes, you can see and laugh at me!! ....

Google 1014.59
TLA 839.78
Linkshare 17.96
CJ 292.70
Shareasale 135.32
Blogads 0
Misc affiliate 80.00
Misc ads 125.00

total $2626.27

Well, if I compare to May 2008, I can see a big drop with google and blogads.

Time to get cracking! I'm serious this time, I'm going to get working again. (I've really been doing very little and this is serious passive income.)