Monday, October 23, 2006

site update

Found a 3 column wordpress theme which is what I wanted. Racked my head cause I couldn't get my silly "about me" page working. Finally I switched the way the files are named in the options panel and it finally showed the file. Jeez...sometimes it is the littlest stupidest things.
Anyway, I posted one product and got an image for my header. I will hope to work on it a bunch this coming weekend. Meantime, I'll try to post on it this week so it will "launch" with some content.

Monday, October 16, 2006

In the meantime.....

I am going to make an affiliate site similar to some of my other sites so folks can see how I work it and they can offer suggetions. I don't go at it the easiest way in the world...but then again, even though I desperately want to make money....I do NOT want to throw up total crap all the time. But, as we all know the definition of crap sites is very subjective and my view on it shifts all the time as well.

So, here is my new site:
Brand new domain name. All that I have done so far is install wordpress.

Check back later for progress updates.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Half way through October!!!

Goodness, time is going so quickly. I am soooo serious about building my income online, that I am going to start posting on Green Affiliate a bit more often and try to tell you what I am doing around here.

I am still trying to increase my posting frequency on my six established blogs (this number DOES NOT included GreenAffiliate) and one website (which also has a blog). Blogging is great, it has some awesome income opportunities, but it also is time consuming for me every day.

I'm not into throwing up splog crap....I research and post products and original commentary.

I am very intrigued by what is going on over at Keyword Avalanche. (if I was smart I would post an aff link) I want to start writing articles and making a site that way and then writing more articles to promote the site....following the steps of Tim Gorman.

I have a couple good niche ideas.

More later!! Feel free to ask questions in the comments, if you have them.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

long weekend

So happy to be having a long weekend this weekend. Tomorrow, I have a side business client meeting and then I'm free !!!

Can't wait to spend some time building up my sites. I am working on getting more people to sign up for my newsletters on my blogs (not that I actually WRITE the darn newsletters...but if I did!! ...I'm getting the list!!)

I'm giving a way a free copy of a three different books to somelucky winners, if they sign up before October 15th. I got these books as advance copies from a publisher for me to read and review on my blog (which I did!) and now I figure I'll give them away. It gives the publisher a bit more additional exposure as I advertise this contest and it gives me email addresses!!

Other than that....on my agenda is to make a yoga site. I kind of like yoga and I see a bunch of affiliate products and I hope it will be easy for me to write up some content.
My goal is to start and FINISH this weekend.

Too many half finished projects hanging around here in GreenAffiliate land!!

In other unrelated news, but some you may find interesting, today is my birthday and I am 47 years old!! My hubby just took me out for a bunch of sushi and some ice cream. Life is good!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I feel like buying every darn internet marketing product being released on the internet some days. I need to concentrate on what is in front of me.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Earnings update

I got to stop buying stuff so I make some profit around here!!

Anyway not too bad:

Adsense 268.35
Affiliate sales 0.00 from CJ* 8.32 from Linkshare
TextAds 247.91
BlogAds 245.42
*I made some money from CJ but I'm only counting this when I actually receive a check.

Adsense 208.00
Affiliate sales 89.00 from CJ 11.00 from Linkshare
TextAds 127.10
BlogAds 163.67

Adsense 108.35
Affiliate sales 0.00
TextAds 88.07
BlogAds 115.66