Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Give yourself a Christmas Present!

I added a new adsense banner (the 728 x 90) and I am being generously rewarded!! I've always stayed away from that size since it seemed to scream "I'm an Advertisement!!" ...and it didn't really fit in my designs but I relented this weekend and I have had very nice returns every since. So, go ahead!! don't be scared ... go change stuff!! I dare you!!


The Empress said...

Eeeek! That sounds scary!!! :D I too shy away from those in your face sort of ads - but I suppose if we don't do that we don't get the clicks if our ads are tucked away somewhere too.

It's a fine line.

But I'm so happy that it's working for you. I might have to give the 728x90 a whirl too or a mondo 300x250 :D

Administrator said...

It's good that it's working for you.

I,ve just decided to add affiliate banners to my blogs instead of adsense. I will see how it is going, if I make more sales or not.

I just put the banners at the end of my posts.

You can see an example on my affiliate blog: Affiliate Marketing Tools

greenaffiliate said...

Well, my earnings have gone up about 30% since I added that top banner that is pretty good!!

Another place I got a good boost is when I added a big rectangle between the post and the comment (only shows up if some is directed to a particular post) ...if you are just reading through the blog it doesn't show.

But, I really think most of the boost is just from moving things around a bit!!

I'd be curious to hear about your results with the affiliate ads.