Thursday, February 15, 2007

big long weekend

Well, it is a big long weekend here in the US. with Monday being a holiday. I am taking friday off as well to make it really long. But, I've got plenty of trouble planned for myself. First up tomorrow morning I go visit a client for a web job. This website has limped along and tomorrow I want to infuse the meeting with great energy and get a plan for completion!!!

Next up is my taxes. I need to get ready for my appointment with the tax lady next weekend. This is a tedious task, but I am curious to see how much money I made last year from freelancing and from my internet marketing endeavors. (I already know how much I make from the day job)

Next up is my resume. I saw a new job I want to apply to so I need to redo my resume (haven't touched it since I landed my current job 6 years ago) ...another adventure!!

Then, I have 2 noodley client jobs. One pretty simple, the second involves creating movable type blogs which I need to create templates to match their current websites. ..I welcome this project since this is something that I want to get better at. (the only small drag is that I much prefer wordpress!!) ...but c'est la vie!

Then, I get to work on my blogs and internet marketing projects. FINALLY!!! I've been really busy lately and my posting frequency has slacked off a bit I don't think I'm able to be as humorous witty and engaging when I'm rushing around all the time. I jest ...but SERIOUSLY!!! These blogs take work people!! the blogs and internet marketing is the fun stuff for me...I hope to get finished with all that other crap and be free and clear starting on Sunday (and then have Monday, too).

When I finally get to work on my money making sites, I will continue my link building and traffic building campaigns along with a bit of social networking ...reaching out to like minded bloggers with blog comments, asking for a link, asking for some cross promotion and whatnot. I should probably write an article or two but that may be pushing it. My husband has taken over writing on two of my blogs ...and people he is awesome!! I gotta get the man some traffic!!

I'm enjoying watching the work that BJ and Jen are documenting !! Those gals are so motivational!!

Hey, anyone know of a relatively cheap ebook (or free as well) that gives a blow by blow on how to set up campaigns using MSN adcenter? I've got $200.00 in free credits I need to use up.

Also anyone use a product called optilink? Thoughts on it??

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