Saturday, June 09, 2007

need to update

I haven't updated lately but not a lot new in my online life. I learned one lesson however!! ...which I will share with you all. I was approached to host a video on one of my blogs by the Sundance channel (their new "Green" channel) ...they even said 'exclusive use' ...I'm always up for that ...but I didn't really see much increase in traffic for my effort and man!! ...did I burn through bandwith! Yikes! I had to upgrade my hostgator account (which was easy) but now I am paying $15.00 more a month than I did. Hopefully my traffic will skyrocket all over my sites and this increased bandwidth will be used every month!! : ) I resell hosting cause I do web design for many small businesses I've got my hosting costs pretty covered ...but STILL!!

Other than is just a battle for "time" ..maybe that should be "TIME" to work on my sites keep them interesting and keep the traffic building and do promotion and keep up with learning new things. I did purchase [aff link seoelite] or [non-aff link seoelite] which has some great tutorials attached to it. I'll post a more thorough review a bit later when I have used it a bit more. I hope to use the product to learn new ideas to beat some of my competition.

I will be leaving Boston at the beginning of July and do not have a place to live in San Diego until the beginning of August and hope to spend that month developing some new sites to increase my online earnings.

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Andrew said...

I bought the Rich Jerk’s ebook and didn’t find much help getting started. It takes so long trying to learn the meaning of all the terms. And I found a new site that seems to be a whole lot of Gurus combined into one membership.

It hasn’t launched yet (have to wait til the end of June), but before I buy it I thought I’d ask if anyone can recommend a Guru who really would be good for help a newbie. And does anyone know anything about this RichGurus site, like especially who are the Gurus behind it?