Sunday, September 23, 2007

Business in a Box - for sale

In the same spirit of Burt's sale, I have 5 "box set" businesses for sale. If you've ever wanted to play around with selling your own products, here is a chance to start with practically everything done for you!
Each box includes:
  • 10 articles (in Microsoft word and .txt format)
  • Keywords
  • a Website template (including photoshop files)
  • An ebook product for you to sell (at least 25 pages of content)
  • Cover graphic already made for you
  • A sales letter and thank you page designed to sell the product.
  • EULA which gives you the right to sell the product/use the articles and website (but does not let you sell the whole package like I am doing here)

Basically everything is pretty much done for you. Just edit it a bit to make it your own, set up a website with everything provided and start selling.

Here's the topics available: (I will only be selling one copy of each)


Price is: $25.00 each. Please email me at lizh30dc AT gmail DOT com
and I will give you my paypal address.

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