Monday, March 30, 2009

What's going on with me?


Income is down. I've tried to grown my inventory of sites by making a few new sites and I bought a couple of sites. One of the purchased sites was annoying because it ended up to be a bit of a "bait and switch". (luckily I didn't pay too much for it)

Now, I need to spend the time to promote these new sites a bit. (the fun part!)

I'm outsourcing a lot of the work, but I still have too much to do and the quality of outsourcing is not that great. I think site visitors can pick up the vibe when a site is loved and cared for (even if it isn't updated that often) vs the vibe where it is updated often, but it is by folks who are not really emotionally invested.

Not sure what/where I'm doing/going. I still work a full time job as a webmaster however I feel like I work too much and don't have enough time to stop and smell the roses. I'll give a few more details in the next post.

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Zane said...

well i happened to read your greenaffiliate blog. i am a regular reader of griz too. i am actually struggling at this point of time with three of my blogs. was tired and bored of posting to see not much increase in my google income. had some inspiration from your this blog posts about the amount of work you do despite being a girl with a full time job.
i wish you all the best in your endeavor...