Saturday, March 06, 2010

Decisions, decisions.....

I'm trying to decide whether to promote one of my new small barely earning sites or further build out my moneymakers. Of course, the best decision is to do SOMETHING rather than just weigh the options. (I constantly need to remind myself to take action, cause left on my own, I'll just read blogs of other internet marketers all day)

So, I'm going to install a directory on one of my sites. I have a site in the wedding niche and I get several emails a week from vendors who would like to be listed on the site. ...I have no interest in watering down the content with these folks, so a directory could be the ticket to make everyone happy. I'm not sure what to charge though??

I think I should start it cheap and see how it goes....maybe $20.00 for a year? Seems relatively painless. We'll see.

I'm either going to use or both are wordpress plugins, so they should be relatively easy to set up.


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romaine123 said...

good luck son and i hope that what ever you decide is successful.