Sunday, January 08, 2006

Keeping up with it all....

Well now I am supporting 4 blogs / affiliate sites...which is a big step up from just 1. It is taking me a lot of time to add to each of them every day. I just got through doing a few posts in advance on 2 of the blogs, 1 I already have a few posts in the can and I am just up to date on the last.

I did a bit of submitting to directories this weekend (just dmoz and a couple others...that takes a bunch of time as well).

My adsense money is down sales and I am feeling like this is all a waste of time and I should get off this dang computer and start living my life. But, then I think of going back to work tomorrow and I am SO WANTING TO GET THE HECK OUT of there!!!!

Deep breathe...actually my job is great ...but I have moved on in my head ...and eventually the rest of me will move on to a new situation as well. (please make it be working from home!!) But for now...I need to stay and rake in the money since it certainly ain't coming in on this affiliate/blog side of things.

I think the other thing getting to me is as I go around and read people's blogs it seems like folks are just churning out soulless crap scrapper web sites and they are making money and I don't want to go that route!! ..but I am oh so tempted!!

I'll be back later when I am not so down and negative.

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The Empress said...

Don't give up... yet! It took me 6 months before I started to see things pick up in the sales/ad revenue. I know that there are many ways to make money - some of it is pretty soulless - but it depends on what you want. You could develop a site that makes a lot of money from Adsense that you might not have any real interest in - it's just about the money. Does that work for the long-term? I'm not really sure. I know I'd need to be somewhat interested in the topic to keep it flowing for the long term. I have some product blogs that are not really awe-inspiring, but it makes some money and I'm happy with that.

Maybe that's all it is... as long as it makes you happy, and you learn something from it. It's alright.

I love your blog and I hope that you keep your chin up and it will get easier ... it just takes time. :)