Saturday, January 14, 2006


so what I want to do this weekend is start tagging my posts. I installed a wordpress plugin to make it I just have to start doing it. maybe I'll go back and tag all the posts from the month of January in my four blogs. The other thing I though I'd do was install the little graphic thingys that allows one to just click and subscribe to your rss feed. I just want to figure out how those things work (and I could use it at my day job as well).

One of my big web site design jobs got turned back on so I will need to work on that this weekend as is totally boring (the site is brochureware for medical supplies) but I don't have to think much, I can crank some podcasts and just code the is pretty mindless work. I kind of like doing opposed to blogging which requires me to "write" ...or more like "re-write" and I try to be clever and witty >....which requires brainwork on my part.

Last night hubby and I went to Barnes and Noble...I bought many magazines....and was pumped about blogging again. I want to start two new blogs this weekend. We'll see.

Last but not least ...a new store opened in my town in one of my niche categorys. I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself and see if I can get ideas of stuff I can blog about. ...and tell her about my site.

I can walk down there and get myself some exercise...that is my NewYear's Resolution not sit in front of the computer all day every day. (well right now I am lying on the couch with my laptop...) you get the picture. MORE EXERCISE!!!==GOOD THING!!!!

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