Wednesday, February 01, 2006

just checking in

I checked in on a bunch blogs of fellow travellers on the affiliate path today. They were all posting earnings much higher than mine!! I made almost $10.00 in adsense this month after about $20.00 last month. My affiliate sales have been piddly.

I will not let myself get depressed on this. Tonight while I was doing some web updating work (which I am getting paid $50.00 an hour) I listened again to some of the content from the "Six Figure Blogging" class that I took with Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. I learned a few things I missed the first time around and I KNOW that if I listen to them over and over I will learn even more. Each hour is so packed full with info. It is a great resource ..that I paid alot of hard earned money for and I should utilize them and get all I can out of them....I'm mentioning this because my way is to run around the internet looking for something NEW to buy that will fix my piddling earnings right up and find the magic pill and spend the money and look for the fix and run around and phew!!
Lesson for myself today: just sit, don't get negative, you have a great life, and keep on keeping on with what you've got right in front of you ...well right after the last bowl of ice cream.



The Empress said...

Everything takes time... that's the bummer of it all. You'll pull things around if you keep learning and trying - that's what I tell myself when I wonder sometimes WHY I bother doing this marketing stuff. Just keep trying, adding new content, new sites... you'll get there :)

greenaffiliate said...

Thanks empress!! You are so right. I want it all yesterday! but I'm going to keep on plugging.
thanks again!