Friday, February 17, 2006

long weekend --yeah!!

I've been slow to update here...must post more often!(for all three of you out there!! teehee)

Anyway, what have I been up to? Weeeellll....I'm very very very close to finishing a big side job (a web site) I've been working on it since september ... awesome!
This week I tried really really hard to post to all my blogs every day. it is hard!! I think what I need to do is get a bunch of posts done over the weekend ...and then i don't get as pressured to post to all 5 blogs in one night....especially when I am doing stupid client web work as well.
post inventory this month so far: (since today is the 17th ...less than 17 is unacceptable!!)

ggb - 9 posts
ggp - 7 posts
ggg - 20 posts
ggs - 9 posts
ggga - 2 posts

So, starting this weekend, I will post in advance!! ..the more posts the better!!

Tomorrow, I am stopping by a local shop that opened up in my town that is focused on one of my niches! should be interesting. as least I will find some products to post on. I thought it would also be cool to feature the woman who owns the shop and maybe arrange to do a bit of a podcast to try something new on one of my sites!! we'll see how brave I get. I'm shy even to go and meet her even though she emailed me and complimented my site and such.


Other news was that I got into blogads!! yea!! I just asked a guy in my niche how he liked using them and he offered me an invitation!! wooo wee! I feel like I am in the big leagues. now to see if anyone wants to advertise on my site.... The rates begin at $20.00 a month (that is more than I am making on adsense these days!) so it could prove lucrative.
I need to redesign the site that I want these ads to go on and ask a few folks if they'd like to advertise on my site for free. (so my site looks like people are falling all over themselves to get a spot on my sidebar) ..anyway, I am psyched. I'll post more later

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