Friday, July 07, 2006

30 day challenge continues.

30 day challenge is freaking hard!! it is a lot of work but I am committed ...why not? I am a few days behind at the moment but figure I can catch up this weekend. But, i've got my product topic picked out and I am moving forward!!

I am still posting pretty heavy on my regular sites, too, so I'm managing to keep up my pace more or less...okay a little less ..but not too bad.

Adsense income has taken a big jump lately and just keeps going up. (we're not talking big numbers or anything but I am happy with the direction!!) I've also sold a few ads so money continues to trickle in.

Finally moving over the DNS for a big side website project this weekend which means the darn thing is done and I get to invoice it. Woo hoo!!

Also met a new client today for lunch who seems to have a lot of work to throw my way. All good!

At my day job, I am setting up a blog for a VIP...I thought I may like to get in to creating a consulting practice around blogs... so this will be a practice run on that. not sure if this is something I want to pursue passionately or not.

more later....

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