Thursday, October 05, 2006

long weekend

So happy to be having a long weekend this weekend. Tomorrow, I have a side business client meeting and then I'm free !!!

Can't wait to spend some time building up my sites. I am working on getting more people to sign up for my newsletters on my blogs (not that I actually WRITE the darn newsletters...but if I did!! ...I'm getting the list!!)

I'm giving a way a free copy of a three different books to somelucky winners, if they sign up before October 15th. I got these books as advance copies from a publisher for me to read and review on my blog (which I did!) and now I figure I'll give them away. It gives the publisher a bit more additional exposure as I advertise this contest and it gives me email addresses!!

Other than that....on my agenda is to make a yoga site. I kind of like yoga and I see a bunch of affiliate products and I hope it will be easy for me to write up some content.
My goal is to start and FINISH this weekend.

Too many half finished projects hanging around here in GreenAffiliate land!!

In other unrelated news, but some you may find interesting, today is my birthday and I am 47 years old!! My hubby just took me out for a bunch of sushi and some ice cream. Life is good!

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