Thursday, October 11, 2007


BJ over at Adventures in Net Marketing had this to say:
I don't know about you, but I've been feeling really frustrated with my Adsense earnings lately. My sites that carry Adsense ads have been going up in traffic - most of them get double the amount of traffic they did last year at this time. And my CTR has been improving, so I've been getting a lot of clicks.

And yet my Adsense revenue is only at about 30% of what it used to be.

I find that TERRIFYING!!!

I just looked at some of my stats and this is completely unscientific cause I am taking adsense across several sites and visitors across one site and I am not even considering CTR. but here goes:

sept 2005 414 unique visitors $ 13.00 adsense earnings
sept 2006 16000 unique visitors $260.00 adsense earnings
sept 2007 26000 unique visitors $920.00 adsense earnings

Anyway, we all know that adsense can't be relied upon and we all need to diversify.

My problem is that I am continually researching and developing and not enough action. I'm a sucker for new software and not enough action. I love to read forums and not enough action. I love to read the exploits of other online marketers but not enough action.

I'm off to work on my sites.

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Empress said...

I think that it is really hard for an affiliate marketer/online entrepreneur to make enough time to do everything - or can we even say that there is enough time. I've heard a lot of people are now outsourcing what they can to make time for what they love...

... I wonder if there was a way to outsource the advertising? You look like your numbers are going up - would you consider working with an ad agency like tribalfusion, doubleclick or something like that?