Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shaking things up and Having Some Fun!!

I've been trying to get my groove back. I was just reading Jenn's blog and that girl is rocking! It is a blast when each month you are making more money than the last can be a real kick! Her hard work is paying off! It is great to see.

Me, however, my earnings have been pretty flat and steady since April. Some streams of income go up!! some go down!! but all in all it has stayed around the same amount of money for the past six months. Previous to April, I experienced exponential growth!

So, I thought I'd have me a little fun and try some new things and get things rocking again! Soooooooo, I started a contest on one of my blogs first step was to email 12 companies and ask for donations. I promised primo real estate promoting their product for 1 week with photo and links back to their site. I've heard back from 7 in the positive and the donations are piling in by postal mail. Each week, I will giveaway one of the donated presents to someone who comments on a post or signs up for my newsletter. (kind of win win for everyone!) I figure I'll get enough loot to give away one a week during the holiday months of November and December.

We'll see how it goes, it hasn't been too much work yet, and the donations have been freaking amazing!! People are sending 2 or 3 items when I only asked for one. Each item goes for about $20.00. Anyway, it seems fun and hopefully it will bring a bit of a buzz to this particular blog and get some energy flowing. I'll keep you posted!

If any of you out there have ever held a contest and you have any advice, please leave them in the comments! I'd love to hear if there are any pitfalls I should avoid.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the mention!!

What an awesome and fun idea - I bet it'll really pick things up for the holidays - I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Empress said...

Oh how cool! I'm glad to see your shakin' things up and having FUN! :) Can't wait to see what's going to be happening.