Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Time to regroup and get those resolutions written down!

First to regroup:
Looking at where I was last year, I think I did pretty well this year!

I have had an awesome month this december with adsense (almost double the usual) and affiliate sales were pretty good (way more than last year but could have been better).

Traffic was incredible due to a mention in the Washington Post on November 30th which went on from there with mentions in 3 other newspapers during the first week of December. This of course resulted in an increase in traffic which helped sell a few

But the biggest thing for me in 2007 was moving from Boston to San Diego in July. When I left Boston, I continued to work remotely for my Boston employer (switching from full time to part time) until just recently and now I am completely unemployed, and need to pay for my own health benefits and all that crap.

I feel like I am not as productive as I should be with all this additional time and I am worried that I am not going to make enough money. I have always done a bunch of web dev freelance (which always annoyed me since it cut in to my IM time and energy) so I am not ready for the soup line yet!!

So here's my plan:
1. Continue working on my main money maker site posting a couple posts a day.
2. Continue to work on my #2 site. I've been running some contests on that site lately (you can read about it on this blog). Traffic has picked up a bit and I have received some backlinks due to the contest...but I have a few more weeks of prizes and then I am cutting that out for a while. The contest isn't a lot of work, but it cuts in to the flow of regularly updated content and I'm not really enjoying it.
3. I have a niched wedding site and there is no reason for me not to rank #1 for all the phrases associated with this niche. (I'll go in to this in more detail in a later post.) Also, I've found a good affiliate product to promote on this site, which I want to write a couple articles and promote. In addition, the entire site needs to be gone over for broken links and a general overall update. I've also seen a few blogs lately where I could use as research for me to create more content.
4. I have a niched travel site which I don't update hardly at all ...but I believe has grand potential. I've bought a couple of books from Amazon around this niche and will start updating content, one post five days a week. (this is something I could possibly outsource.)
5. I have a niched gadget site that my husband was updating and now isn't, so I'd like to give that a push.
6. I want to get more in to affiliate sites and less on relying on adsense. (doesn't everyone?)
7. I also want to loose 10 pounds!
8. My "main money making site" has a "sign up for newsletter" box since everyone says the 'money is in the list'. Thing is, I have yet to send out a newsletter to these 700 people who have signed up for it. This seems like a great place to explore to make some money with affiliate links.
9. I belong to a membership site ( which gives its members 5 ebooks each month to sell. The books are pretty good and they come with articles, keyword research and a whole website built. Basically, the only thing I need to do is change the title and maybe change some of the graphics so that it looks different than everyone elses and then do a bit of social bookmarking SEO to see if I can get it to rank and sell some of these. As I've mentioned before, there are some topics I'll never touch, like: acne, anxiety and the like. But, there are a few of these ebooks on physical products like security I would like to venture down that road. It will be fun for me from SEO perspective mainly.

Basically, I just want to get to a place where I am making enough money so that I can sleep at night. And if you look at my list, nothing requires a huge amount of skill or brains, it all just requires a bit of ACTION!! So my New Year's Resolution is to quit reading so many blogs and figure out what everyone else in the whole internet marketing space is doing and ignore it all and just do something /anything / something!!

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