Friday, November 25, 2005


Well, today I knocked off work for one client - petstoresite. I'm totally bummed since I severely underestimated part of the job and it took me quite a bit longer than planned. Not sure how many hours I will be able to bill. Doesn't matter, I suppose. Let it go.

I did alot of podcast listening while I was working which was awesome!! Some marketing guy ...where I learned a lot nad some from webmaster world where I also learned a few new tidbits. I really love this whole search engine world.

Tomorrow, first up my business site ...just do it and finish it. Then on to the hairsalonsite. and then the paidpersonalsite.

I've got to make the priority to work on my new affiliate site. Also listened to James Martell buzz thingy. He never really says anything that I don't already know.

more later.

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