Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Not much progress today. But, of course, I do have a real job too. more like surreal job.

But, I can claim some good progress!! I finished the last piece I wanted to do for yogagirlsite. I wanted to make her a favicon ...which I did (it was so easy!!) and now I am going to bill her. I'm also billing hairsalonsite. Paidpersonalsite is done...but being the nice person I am, I volunteered to do some stuff for his businesssite for free (got to stop doing that!!).

I updated my shopping blog. The traffic on that site is steadily going up and up. I am happy about my work on that site. I think alot of it was beginning luck and not knowing what the heck I was doing and just going for it!! ....this weekend I hope to devote entiredly to new affiliate site. As long as bigclient site doesn't rear his ugly head and want his work done now now now!!!

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