Thursday, June 08, 2006

Traffic update

I checked my traffic stats tonight on all of my sites and numbers are steadily going up. I'm emailing and searching to find good places to exchange links as well. Pushing out all the stops ...nothing is going to stop me for this month of June. Weekend coming up and outside client work is very minimal so I will be able to spend a good chunk of time getting posts ready in advance to make next week a litle easier. (Weather is supposed to suck as well ..which makes it easy to sit in front of the computer all day.) I sold another blogad ad as well. Woo hoo!
FYI, the owner of Text Link Ads was interviewed on Shoemoney's show over at webmaster radio if you want to hear more about the program.
I'm off to read more of Aaron Wall's SEO book. Everyone recommends it. (not an affiliate link)

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Affiliates R Us said...

Hey there I found your blog on this affiliatemarketing path. Id be happy to link swap with you. I'll head over to my blog and add your link. Dont I just know the frustration of posting then finding hungry readers for it. Plus im trying to form a community of link minded bloggers with my blog. So Im always happy to do the link swap with others !!!