Saturday, June 03, 2006


Time to update. Hard to believe a month has passed!
Google Adwords: 66.76
Blogads: 182.42

Hey everybody I'm a 3 figure blogger!!

Here's my posting update for May:
ggb 30
ggp 0
ggg 54
ggs 19
ggga 1

I think a big barrier to making money for me with my blogs is that I need to post more. I want to start new sites (and I just bought 3 on godaddy 5 minutes ago!) but I really need to focus on the ones I've got.

It is very obvious that if I have the traffic, I can certainly sell the advertising ...witness blogads $$$
above. And I am doing nothing to get the ads is all just coming to me with no reach out or prodding on my part.
I must stay focused and get these sites more traffic!!

Hard though, Jenn and BJ look like they are having so much fun!!

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