Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm trying Text Link Ads

I feel like this blog is a text link ads commercial sometimes. I'll show you!! I won't even link to TLA in this post. TLA has been running a "sale" forever where you can purchase $125.00 of ads for $25.00. I finally took advantage of this offer and I now have an ad on 5 blogs. I am using variations of a keyword phrase and I am linking to the home page for most of the ads and on one of the ads I am linking to a category probably would have been smart to do more internal linking rather than the home page. Oh well, we'll see if I get anything from it. One or two of the blogs were very good deals in that I was paying $25.00 or $30.00 a month before the discount for a high traffic site. However, I was not able to order multiple months using this coupon. So I had to spread out my $125.00 to other less desirable sites. In other news, things are poking along. Revenue keeps going up.....slowly... and my dog went in swimming today for the first time this year.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you mention TLA a bunch - because your blog is what got me to sign up for it and it's looking to be a hopeful source of revenue... so at least one day I might not be TOTALLY dependant on Adsense :)

Andrew said...

I bought the Rich Jerk’s ebook and didn’t find much help getting started. It takes so long trying to learn the meaning of all the terms. And I found a new site that seems to be a whole lot of Gurus combined into one membership.

It hasn’t launched yet (have to wait til the end of June), but before I buy it I thought I’d ask if anyone can recommend a Guru who really would be good for help a newbie. And does anyone know anything about this RichGurus site, like especially who are the Gurus behind it?