Friday, April 06, 2007

Selling ads directly - Synchronicity

Just met someone online this week. We're in a similar niche and we traded a bunch of link love ...but the cool thing that she is doing is selling a lot of advertising directly...rather than go through a middle man. It really woke me up a bit since up to this point I have sold all my advertising through text-link-ads and blogads. ...and trying a few other things with minimal success. Anyway, two days after meeting her, I got an email from a big shopping site wanting to buy advertising directly on my site. I'm just making up numbers here!! I figured I'd split the cut that TLA takes for the text link ads. (I think I under priced them!) Anyway, the person came back with no comment on my text link prices that I pulled out of thin air and wanted pricing on a 120x120 banner. I tripled the price from text link ad to 120 banner. Does that sound right? ....we'll see how it all goes. To keep things in perspective, I've made more money so far this year than I made all of last year....let's be thankful for what we got.
I love the version of "Be Thankful for What You've Got" from Massive Attack.
Happy Easter!

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