Tuesday, April 03, 2007


well....I wasn't as successful with the travel blog this month as I had hoped. I posted to it 9 times. and submitted it to some directories. I got a few less visitors this month (492)...than last month (510). I am going to keep at it and keep submitting good content. I found a forum that discusses this particular niche and I will try to read and participate in the forum in order to get content (by learning what folks are talking about and what is important to them) and also to drive traffic to my site.

In other news, I hit my goal of $20.00 a day average from adsense (collected across all my sites combined). It is mostly from one site, however. Next goal ...$35.00 a day!!

I signed up with linkworth.com to try to sell more text links. I also signed up one of my sites with AuctionAds.com ...I'm not getting very targeted ads. It is a fashion site and the ads are playstation and things like that ...but I just looked and it is a wallet ...so it might work. Just trying to experiment here!!

Generally, I am very psyched how my online earnings are progressing. It really takes time day after day for things to pay off...no quick riches here in Internet land.


Stoddart said...

I'll see if I can push some Advertisers your way!

The Empress said...

I've been using Auction Ads on my site for almost a month now, and no they're not really targeted for the niche - but I have made money with them. I'd say that so far they've been the most successful at converting a pretty tough crowd :) People like their playstations and iPods... LOL.

I've also used LinkWorth - and again, one of the bigger money makers on my site. It did take a bit of time to get that ball rolling, but I'm glad that I waited. I think you'll be pleasantly and congrats on the income this month!

greenaffiliate said...

Thanks Empress, glad to hear Linkworth is working for you. I've had good success with Text Link Ads and love how it is pretty much set it and forget it.