Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Someone stole my site

Never a dull moment here in Green Affiliate land!! Yesterday, I happened to notice that someone had stolen one of my sites. Basically they took all the content from one of my blogs and re-uploaded it on their own site in a different wordpress theme.

This blog gets about 5000 visitors a month is this person stupid??? In other words, this is NOT my biggest money maker.

Anyway, just in case you would like to know what to do when someone steals your site, here is what I did.

1. I went to and looked him up. The brilliant man had been too cheap to pay for privacy protection so his name address and phone number and email for me to get in touch!! Lucky me!!

2. I called him and left a message and told him if he didn't take his site down in 24 hours I was going to report him to google adsense and my lawyer was going to show up at his home, after which I repeated his address!!

3. I waited 1 minute and then I reported him to google adsense. I clicked on "Ads by Google" on his site (oh no!! I mean my site!! but on his server) and then I clicked on "Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw" and I reported a violation.

4. I then went to google webmaster tools and clicked on "Report Spam in our Index"

5. Then I emailed the abuse address at godaddy where the domain name was purchased

6. Then I emailed the host who was hosting the site (I forget who is was, someplace in Canada)

Success!! Today the site is an apache generic host success page.

Oh, and since he was stealing not only every word I've written, he was also stealing all my images and the bandwidth to host them. This is the image I had him show on the top of his page:

If anyone cares: the site where he hosted MY site which is now taken down is:

Does anyone have a full membership to domaintools? Apparently he own another site and I'd love to continue to torture him.


John said...

Great story! Sounds like he got a taste of Karma! Useful info too. I am new to blogging and I wouldn't know how to go about this without this post. Thanks,

Jennifer said...

Damn - you don't mess around! That's awesome! Now I'll know where to refer to if it ever happens to me... knock knock...

greenaffiliate said...

Well, I have certainly had my site scraped a bit here and there before ...but this was such blatant stealing that they took EVERYTHING post by post and launched with a real valid domain name. It didn't seem to be the time to be nice.

S B Porterman said...

Now that's the way to do it - nice work.