Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stats and more stats

From almost the beginning of my blogging career, I used to keep an eye on real time stats. I liked it. It gave me a quick peek of how things were going and I could make adjustments if I was being hit hard by stumbleupon or if something screwed up and one of my sites was down for some reason. Recently, (and it is unfortunate because I just reupped 3 blogs for a total of $75.00) something has screwed up and I can't log in. It something to do with yahoo and mybloglog and the combination of passwords or something. I'm emailing support but I have my doubts...and since this is such a crucial time of year, I felt "naked" without my realtime stats. I use google analytics and awstats as well...but they aren't exactly realtime.

Anyway, I just signed up with mint at is $30.00 for each domain but unlike mybloglog it installs on your server so you don't have to pay yearly. I only signed up 3 blogs to start, but I really like it! Great referrer info and great to see the search phrase activity ...a bajillion times better than mybloglog.

Another helpful stat program is crazy egg. That program has taught me a few things as well ..and it is free ...can't argue with free!!

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