Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Try Niche Rockets for $1.00

I have been a member of Niche Rockets for a couple of years. It used to be called Keyword Avalanche...but they have recently changed its name. It is a nice little community where lots of money making ideas are discussed quite openly. It is a good mix of occasional newbies and lots of old timers who really know their stuff. The volume of posts is not too overwhelming either, so once I got caught up with all the content, I feel like I can keep up with the the different threads and goings on....with out needing to spend a bazillion hours reading forums. In addition, they just started giving out 5 "businesses in a box" each month. Where they give you an ebook which you can rewrite, a website, a sales page, graphics ---the whole shebang if you are interested in creating your own products.

They are having a deal where you can sign up and try it for 7 days for $1.00 and then you can get in for $97.00 a month (rather than the $147.00 a month that the site advertises). I'd recommend trying it out for 7 days for $1.00 and if you don't like it, leave!!
Here's my affiliate link: Niche Rockets

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