Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, my saturday got a bit messed by a friend landing in town ...but it was great to see her and I don't regret taking the time away from my plans here. I'm working alot this weekend on my webdesign business ...I've got a huge project from hell and the client is finally ready to go.

I'm sad that it will take me away from my affiliate web money making projects ...but it is a big chunk o' change and I am happy to have the work. Hopefully once we get the navigation issues nailed down all the product pages will almost make themselves!!

I purchased a menu system (popup menus) from to help me with the site. Those darn drop down menus are a big fat pain!!! Anyway, project seven makes nice products that work in every browser. I highly recommend them! (not for affiliate stuff ..but for regular brochure ware sights)

Last thing....I found a site tonight that has tons of sites listed that will be great from my affiliate blog. Loads of inspiration and stuff to blog about. Also they were offering a link in their listing for $35.00 a year. I bet that brings them in a nice bit of mooolah for barely any work!!!

Anyway got me thinking ...(alway a dangerous thing!!) more later!!

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