Saturday, April 22, 2006

new site launched

Finally launched my new site. I was listening to a podcast from Joe Vitale...he was talking about abundance. Anyway, I forget the exact context but he mentioned that the universe gives you ideas ..and you have to act on them FAST!!
I should have been faster with the launch of this website. However, if I had my way entirely, I would have worked on it another month before I launched. So, it was a compromise and I am glad it is LIVE!! Perfectionism is sometimes fear with another name on it. The new site is certainly not perfect ...but it is live.

Anyway, my other sites are doing well. I've made so far this month in adsense, what I made in the entirety of last month. I think that is good since there is still a good week left of april. (I'm talking about $29.00 which is my all time high with adsense) I'm making affiliate sales with several products. Not huge numbers but I'm making them!

Since I'm let go of Martel and Keyword Avalanche I treated myself to a couple of educational incentives!

I bought an ebook which came recommended in Alan Gardayne's newsletter (name escapes me) ...haven't started reading it but I will give a review when I do.

I also bought Alice Seba's Sweetie something or other (it consists of a few audio files and some pdfs). I've listened to the audio files and it is a bit basic for me but I did get some good advice regarding keeping things organized and whatnot. It seems worth the $27.00. and she really is a sweetie!!

I've also been listening again to the "six figure blogging" course that I took over the winter. That class pisses me off for some reason ...I didn't feel like I learned enough for the money. It makes me so mad that I listen to the series over and over so that I can glean every little last crumb!! And I must grudgingly admit that I did get a good tip out of what I was listening to in traffic this week. Darren mentioned linking to other blogs in your same niche. Sometimes I get scared to blog about my competitors ..even though I am happy when they blog about me. So that is something I will try to do more. Because you DO develop relationships out here in cyberland and they are fun and they come in handy.

Just for the record, PubCon was here in Boston this week and I LIVE IN BOSTON and was not able to go. I kind of blew my budget at my day job going to SearchEngine Strategies and didn't feel like I could take the time off. Very very silly. I should have signed up the minute I heard about it and not given it another thought!!

Oh well, I am going to work really hard and study very diligently and be working for myself soon with plenty of money to go to any darn seminar I want!! so there!



Darren said...

hi there - sorry to hear you didn't find SFB gave you enough. If you want to have a chat about it I'd be happy to listen to your feedback and if I can help out in anyway I can.

Just shoot me an email anytime.

greenaffiliate said...

Hi Darren,
Thanks for your comment! I took the SFB course the first time it was offered and it may have been a bit rough. Just for the record, I have given it good feedback:

But my frustration comes from listening to the piece on affiliate sites for the second or third time and the material seemed a bit thin.
I really appreciate yours (and Andys) general overall attitude and lack of hype and refusal to promise instant riches. I also deeply admire the huge amounts of information your give away on your problogger site for free. Thanks again, Liz.