Sunday, April 30, 2006

Check from Google

Got my first ever check from google for $109.00 - way cool. I started this road in August with one site. Brought 4 more sites online around January. Then another site in Feb and another site in April. For a total of seven sites so far. So it took 8 months for me to make my first $100.00. BTW, For the month of april money earned from google so far is $ things seem to be on the upward trend!
I'm a little early but here is my posting updates for april:

ggb - 27
ggp - 0
ggg - 44
ggs - 10
ggga - 0

You can see last months posting trend in the archives some where if you are intersted.

I'm going to go out and take some photos of spring and take a break from the computer.

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