Monday, April 24, 2006

adsense channels cleanup

So, I just went through all my site and cleaned up the adsense ads. I tweaked the colors a little bit on the ones that needed it and then I made many channels so basically now I am tracking each ad on each blog. Previously it was a tad haphhazard. It should make things a bit more interesting. I really have the info to do some good testing.

I know this is basic stuff and I should have been doing it since day one but originally I was overwhelmed with all the options and I am slowly able to get down to the details of things.

My new site --I saw a post on a forum from a woman who was writing an article on the niche and she was looking to talk to folks. I *hesitated* for a few hours (bad!!) and then emailed her but she never called. It would have been a nice piece of offline PR. Shucks.

All for now....

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