Thursday, December 22, 2005

Clear Sailing

Well, I know I keep harping on these web design side jobs but as of 5 minutes ago they are all done! Yea me! Nice little chunk of change coming in from them. So, it only leave one tiny job (which is a barter situation) and a big honking job where I am waiting on the client. There is a second big honking job that was started several months ago and is in stall mode also. (not my fault ....since I am the sub contractor on all these). So...what does this mean? It means I am free!!! freee!!! to work solely and exclusively on my own sites for a bit. Feels really good. Adsense the last few days is doing really well ...boy adsense can get addicting. I'm going to go off now and figure out my total moneys earned over the last few months..... I always find it interesting when I find that kind of thing on other folks' sites ...then I'm going to surf around for an hour before I leave for the day.

How are you all doing ? Do tell!!

1 comment:

45n5 said...

My best month ever!

I'd agree adsense can be addictive. To feed the habit I recommend sysense or the adsense firefox extension.

Best of luck in 06.