Sunday, December 18, 2005

weekend madness

Crazy time of year and crazy amount of things to do. Good news is that I sent out 2 invoices for web side jobs and will have another one to send tomorrow. I have almost all my xmas cards in the mail ( a new record for earlyness for me!). I am trying to clear everything off my plate so that I can concentrate on my own projects....won't happen completely but it will be good to get all this little stuff OVER.

As for my affiliate stuff (after all that is what this blog is supposed to focus on) one site is going strong ...adsense is better that usual ..I'm sure due to the holidays. However, I have had several over $2.00 dollar days and I have never hit $2.00 before ever!! Traffic is steadily increasing too. (I should make a happy graph and post it here ...because I am very proud of my steady increase in traffic!!)

My site (which was launched in late July has a google page rank of 4 and an alexa page rank of 126,222. I know these number mean diddly ...but at least they prove to me I am getting somewhere. I am trying to keep up my current blog and start 2 new ones.

We'll see..... I'll write more tomorrow is late...and I'm going to go watch Sleeper Cell on TIVO.

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