Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Things are going great!

I had a business meeting with my new partner yesterday ...she is pysched to work on this with me and I am psyched to have her help. She will be a great writer for my blogs.

We brainstormed many ideas and I am happy with the place we are taking the business. Basically we will create a network of blogs that will have focus but some affiliate marketing thrown in on the products if it is available ...I figure if I'm writing the review and linking to the product ...may as well add an affiliate link if available. Important not to force the affiliate angle however since I sense that folks smell the manipulation ...no matter how much I try to mask it.

As for my one blog that is up and running ...I checked the stats and it is growing at a rate of 20% more visitors every month. That is pretty good.

Earlier this week I got linked to by www.treehugger.com whenever they link to me it means lots of traffic for me ...always nice.

My webdesign side biz almost lost a big client tonight ( i was sorta hoping it would so that I could concentrate on my sites ) BAD!!! BAD!!! Oh well...we are back making yet another design for them. Thing is..>I had a feeling from the get-go that this company was going to be trouble!!! Gotta listen to your gut!!

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